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… estes também somos nos (num sonho)

Na outra noite sonhei contigo. Eu vinha pela rua abaixo cheio de pressa ao que parece, meio vestindo-me, meio dançando, estressado e feliz… e contribuindo para – se não causando – tudo o anterior uma morenaça agarrada do braço. Tamos … Continue reading

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40 Ki’s

As if was  on Earth my last walk everything, and I mean e very thing is sacred on this _______________________> path-not-mine-but-LIFE’s   Amidst the car’s fumes with humid hands somehow the trees manage to touch it all somehow to leave some … Continue reading

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{sight} just today {smile}

    What a beautiful day nothing special has happened and that’s what makes this day so special the water was cold I saw a dead mullet  a seagull observed me floating for a while another sunset with the c-soundtrack … Continue reading

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estapafurdios united

  lighthose photo inisde VHS by Wocket >> playraw   gashô  

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    Our friend Alex once had a jungle-guide… in Thailand I think it was; who literally told him sometimes I’ll be your guid, sometimes you’ll be my guide… well, fuck me (!) if that’s not a profound and lovelly way … Continue reading

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CRISTINA & BECK ➌➍ if it’s a portrait, is mine

    gashô         Also last photo my sony P&S camera ever took =)

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