SER-04 /// sin roce no hay cariño


December 2017

Okay… {sight} let’s try to say something… that’s not completelly a lie 

Sin roce no hay cariño could be roughly translated as “No friction no love”.
It’s a spanish saying and it means that in order to grow feelings towards someone one has to live (in the sense of everyday sharing, of mundane relationing) with the person. We can also inferno, I mean infer that affection needs some rubbing 🙏 


 Who knows when did this hard relationship started >> from The Closest Atlas 2012


I’m developing this tendency to like simple multi-layered things… there’s no contradiction, read haikus, taste tortilla, breath.

In the present case I take advantage, or rather I’m appropriating the popular wisdom contained in the proverb and translating it into my own twisted way of relating to the world, perception > < interaction. Where – in the case of this series – instead of relating to other humans, I practice the “creation of intimacy” with the rocks, with the landscape. It is ironic and it is also literal, yes there’s no contradiction here either.

A man is an island, no no no monsieur, I said: A man in an island. Form and meaning, each one goes its way… now there are archipelagoes, separation, water, love and the effort to keep rubbing all rocks… belonging happens, you get the postcards 😛



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