SER-02 /// A million breakfasts

FAKt^iNF: The goal with this series is unknown even to myself; I just feel compel to document all strange-ordinary occurrences surrounding day to day life; fair enough?


Millet, carrot, purslane, pumpking seeds, gomasio, olives and guinness beer

Guacamole (spicy hot), rye bread, olives and cantaloupe boats with
ginger pickles, smoked herring and lemon



Wheat wholemeal bread with oatmeal, natural ferment, seeds and sea salt filled with roquefort, broccoli sprouts, steam cooked bio carrots and onions (ay los macrobiots!!). Sweet mustard tongues on top =)


Half-matured goat cheese with home grown small radish
and a splash of sweetish mustard


Lisa letchuce, tomato and (ay macrobiotics!) onion salad,
saffron rice, sprouts and veggie pie


Grilled tomato, pepper and garlic with
smoked herring and cantaloupe