1st nenúfar (pola)


– Aren’t you ganna take a pikcha of ma biuuuUUtifuuL nenufar (water lily – lotus flower). It’s the first this year, croak!

– Rightaway mrs froggy!


In this photo I used a circular polarizer… which reduces oblique reflections from non-metallic surfaces –> WIKI

This photo is without the filter and exactly the same processing settings.


– RRRRRghhh, what about m’cousin Philippe?

– With pleasure, mr toad!


WITH                                                       WITHOUT


With the permission of the pond inhabitants, I dedicate this flower to another one: BIULI


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fotos by ?lex >> Nomad Eyes

edited by  



tashi delek !!!!      gashô

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the lil-wine transmission (16:10 crop)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Today we went shopping, hi hi.
And that means half an hour (+ return) of intense experience with VP F1 drive mode, with several technical stops on the way… to the bio farm.
First and foremost we see about the essentials, meaning wine. So we call Antonio to see if he can pacify us, he can, great! Checking in at the firemen storehouse where he keeps it… my precious!
After we make scientific confirmation that wine is still good, a couple of times, we engage in the usual small talk: ticks, ants, bees, grape eating butterflies, etc.
Suddenly I started noticing something… a strange ritual consisting in straightening out the little finger. What was this transmission about?!!!!
I tried to document the whole process for a later detailed study… could I figure it out this mistery?

Antonio is an experienced and cheerful winegrower and he makes easy for us the, harder by the day, task of spending money. If you are sometime in ribatejo you should try totally his wine. It is an offensive cheap, honest, and though very young, well balanced wine.



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MPCP II (lessgood)



Today is very very windy.

I cannot imagine the endurance of these little creatures… all those flights striving

to reach their colorful cabins;

the flowers mouths.

Twice I sat by the tall flowers till

my legs were numb.

While taking photos (more than

500), I realize that bees don’t

have time to enjoy the landscape, they’re always working… and at night inside

the hive!!!

That made me sad and humble; you know, they only live for a month.

So I used two different cameras and though one of them has far better IQ (image

quality), somehow I  decided to process and post the photos from the lessgood.

   Maybe ’cause today is really

windy and holding a litle P&S

(point and shoot) camera and

trying to portray flying beings

made me feel a bit closer to

the mini-pigs in pijamas.



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macro pla(i)n




Last Sunday we went for a walk,

got to the plain,

founded 8•• glasses, Nônô did.

Had a fantastic sunbath…

and took some pictures.


<— this one was taken by Nônô

aka Pinderic Queen


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After fixing VP’s beaten lumix (surname fx-33, 30fps at 848x480px, guauuu!!!) and postting in Seb Farges vimeo page, I came up with this original idea of ongoing steady movement… sliding. So this is it, a (first approach) test on different sliding surfaces and home made – here just read clumsy joined together, no candy for the eye really – devices.
It was very windy and the frogs kept calling me all the time 😛
Ikaros “Llamando a la mareación” by Don Evangelino Murayay
from his album El canto del tiempo
Thanks to VP for his patience and wisdom cries
and a good day for U all

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The Interrupters • worth it


 Blocking the Transmission of Violence

By ALEX KOTLOWITZ  <– published in The New York Times

 Community Resource Guide.pdf



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