Berni and Pedro sent me this video of his cool magician grandpa, making us believe a towel is a rabbit. I subtitled it directly in dailymotion ’cause I think is worth undestanding   😉

What else do I have to say…? For now I’ll leave politics to the images.


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07 – PS – 14


grumm    rummg     gashô

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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 Mt. Hood, Oregon - September 1998 


© Michael Williams


Of course you may use my photograph. My flickr site or my e-mail, cometscapes@yahoo.com, will work. Sorry to be so long; I was in King County Jail for 4 days.

Hey Mike thanks for answering… 🙂
Jail? Where you too hard-looking to/on (not sure) the stars?
– – –
Your answer is so funny, man. I wish your time in the public guest house hadn’t been too bad.. ’cause the answer… well, it’s worth the experience. Which brings me to a question and a pseudo-explanation:

Can I also publish your message?
As I told to the only person who gently declined my proposal, his words, I am in this absolutely untranscendent OM “collecting” thing because of the exchange experience. Secondly I (laughing to the inside) totally see your photo and next this comment of yours… pedantically I would even dare to say that ads an extra (much needed in life [in general]) layer, depth;
the time, the measurement of the universe, the stars.
the time of men…
– – –
This has become a tad too long, but I count with your mercy.
You know, I never been in jail, but many times I feel imprisoned, maybe that’s a simplistic Erich Fromm’s we are afraid of freedom.
– – –
Enjoy the ride, Mike
and the stars.
Have you seen Stan Brakhage’s Dog Star Man film series?


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Aswan, Egypt - September 2010 


© a_alkhawarizmi

      A long long time ago in a far east land lived 2 men, one very rich, one very poor. Each man had a son. One day the rich man took his son to the top of a mountain where they could see the whole valley and with a gesture that encompassed the houses, the cattle and the fields, he told the boy: look all of these, one day will be yours.
Some time after the poor man took his son to the the same mountain. When they reached the top, the poor man made the gesture of showing the valley and told his son: look

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❀ ❀ ❀



❀ A Totally Joyful Dissolution ❀
Betty Pujol left us June 2 at 4am


gashô                                              gashô                                              gashô
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