ATL /// study 014




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djr first ( 23 pics)  | | |  6 years WP


Today makes 6 years of poopooza collecting here =)

{Aristocratic monkey} before more years in other places, banana🍌?


O mar lambe as pedras
um momento junto ao outro
o sol e o vento
é tudo festa na pele nua
e é pela rua da pele
que passa o tempo
e dá sustos em forma de rugas
e dá alegrias em forma de rugas
e daí ninguém diz
as rugas serem
as raizes do tempo
dos homens, mas são.

Aqui o amigo Daniel
diz que está com o ISO 500
eu sorrio … lhe
em quanto da playlist
shuffle mar.


Qué onda Dan!

Não te saberia dizer, essa lente nunca usei, dizem que a nova linha Art da sigma é muito sharp e bem construida, mas tu não tens já uma 30 mm fixe?

Por completar, mas:

– saco dormir
– tenda
– tapete
– canivete
– calças banho
– tm
– luz
– isqueiro
– pão
– chouriço
– latas
– copo de metal
– cha
– agua
– alguma fruta
– um bocado de corda
– um bocado de papel higiénico
– cámara… tal vez

A tenda é um iglú, suficientemente grande para os dois – não te preocupes que eu não resono. O importante é sexta não descer muito tarde para dar tempo a nos instalarmos e recolher alguma madeira e isso =)


🍕🔦🌴merci a Daniel 🐡🔥🌊




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esferas de ayer



llorar mojado
de la mano en la mano
pero piel y no foto
pero descono-cién-donos

curando y ahogando
el llanto




que adentra lo desconocido
sin opción
sin diálogo
paulatino asesinato
de las cuerditas
de los vocablos
hasta que


la sangre a borbotones
y hagamos cordón
del alma-zapato




de seda
de la dama
de beso frío
de sedoso beso frío

y dama

y útero de tierra
sólo de tierra
sola de tierra

con un puñao de
pupilas arredondadas
el camino polvoriento
enquistado de piedras

. . .

no lo llames



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sin roce no hay cariño VI




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——– one day ——–

After the rain
diggin’ over the ground
with the smell of earth
my shadow’s drunk.

Even through the steel of the tool
and then the wood in the handle
I can feel its texture…

Now the sun
has bathed it un-till morning
I give my hands to the ever warmth
of its amniotic body


——– another day ——–

Today the sea is wild and cold, maybe all that energy recharges me; yes I went to the rocks and carefully enough to the water – one of this waves could crush me like an egg against the rocks. Went swimming.
It’s incredible to ignore your instincts, to act opposed, contrary to the body’s preference to be comfortable, warm… but the reward feels as strong =)

I was swimming amidst the waves with my testicles reduced to raisins and I felt at peace… all around the waves carrying enormous masses of water from one place to another, battering salty foam onto the rocks, crashing on everything and of each crash a sound, a percussion… yet I felt completely at peace… I drifted farther away from the shore than usual and so I could see behind the last line of cliffs. There was a seagull there, on top of the cliff; she was looking at me, I thought “If I die right now, quickly, it would be okay, I am at peace”.

We tell ourselves so much bullshit, we seem to need it to carry on our days… but there’s a warmth that’s beyond words, there’s a friendship that’s beyond gests, there’s a love that’s beyond doubts… there’s a song that is both parent and child, death sings it, life is constant singing it through death… sometimes I can hear it so very clear.


——– another day ——–

Without any doubt light’s the most important thing.

“In the deep of each being there’s an enigma dark as the night” L. Gustafsson.

Men only grow big enough, bright enough if it is an enigma.


——– today ——–

This beauty burns cannot share
a secret oath of silence
love, fly, rocks
———— moon
come close up
my open chest
this bed of flesh
where no tree dares to grow
but a jungle


g     a      s     h     ô

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ATL /// study 013




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