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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everything is perfect my dear friend i love it. Keep go like that one day you will reach your dream do not give up and thanks for everything.

    • m)◘(x says:

      What a lovely thing to say Karma – hope you’re not drunk 😛 – more importantly thank you for the friendship and support buddy. See you next week 4 sharing more adventures.


  2. Eddie Barton says:

    iaremrsir here. Thanks for the shoutout! I definitely need to set aside some time to read what you’ve got up. Cheers

    • m)◘(x says:

      Hey Eddie, thank you,!!! Though I’m not a D16 Bolex owner/user, found your articles super interesting and to the point =)
      About what I’ve got up… you know when there’s no food in the fridge, the pantry’s completely empty and one’s pockets couldn’t be shallower…and one have to eat somethin’ otherwise one’ll just starve to death; so one starts a quest for general remains, loosen crumbles, sticky stuff, corner forgotten grains and all that. Then one mages to pull the miracle of cooking something even eatable and one feels like a mountain, like a dog with a belly full of piss and a street with infinite lampposts, like a medieval hero with a big sword still draining blood, like a god, the god of flies. Well, what I’ve got up to has nothing to do with that 😛 but would most probably end up in that… starvation, je je

      All goodie from AZ countryside, max

  3. pimentapedro says:

    Nice post has always….. u should get more flu for us…. do you have spare ones? No the feeling brand new eyes…… sometimes to shorten by healthy routins..ah ah ah. Thank you for the post nice feeling n nice vídeo work! 😉

    • m)◘(x says:

      Want flu? no probleMan, just kiss me with tongue and be done, nHIF!!!
      Just don’t tell your girlfriend, she wouldn’t possibly understand 😛 ==== Pi pi piiiii piterripoweis u comanchi du universuu, te espeta na agulha pa, te retorce u pescozuuu pa, te adesiva, te cultiva, te pergunta pelo grosso do teu almozo, e com 300 marteladas e plantas milenarias ficas finu, direito, com peito, bunitu e buonno pra poder voltar a ter FLUU, flu-flu, FLUUU, flu-flu; {chorus} FLUU FLUUU!!!
      Je j e ganda abrazo Master Pepper, slapping the bass man!!!!


  4. pimentapedro says:

    Plain flower
    …. like simple flower?

    • m)◘(x says:

      Precis… once in english the word plain can have both “simple” and “planicie” meanings, I tried to play with them. Flowers from the plain, just plain flowers.
      Basically there is SEEING, or one can bury that “simple” act under a ton of false humbleness (of perception) and bullshit that smell like roses.

      On the other-other hand – and just for you and me, my dear friend – there is a lot of iron settling, as the amount of work those simple flowers required to carry on the “freshness {spontaneity}” of the moment I saw them… it is, well an overwhelming fun lie. Hey but that’s one of the task of the artist: translation for veggie associates 😛


  5. pimentapedro says:

    Nice ONE on starwars iconice sounds !!!!

    • m)◘(x says:

      Estoue?!! uuffffaaarrrrggghh uufffffaaarrrrggggh u Darth Vader que não via 1 caralho dentro do capacete tinha uma tattoo no braço onde podia-se lêr: Eu Ame…i. A P Leia, a “p” é de princesa não penses mal, era muito helicótero gira e boa (ver sequências onde ela está acorrentada ao Jaba). E assim amigo há muitas coisas interessantes e fenomenais que acompanham o SW, claro que uma legião de fans faz tudo mais grande.Eu sou fã, mas mais do Mad Max… a quem em grande parte devo meu nome.
      Bom vamos embora o que, nunca mais é 23??!!! Que a forzzza seja com te amiguet +)

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