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 circa 2011 - click to HUGE enlargement!!!



The strange ecosystem that’s my computer, shelters in semi-pacific state arrays of abandonned scripts (dreaming about becoming batman or an unicorn), pretty nasty gangs of mercenary-plugins, hundreds of “full grown” applications and probably thousands of mighty ant-CLI-programs // CLI = command line interface // Some of them are continuosly being use for years now, like flashlight, BTT, mozpeg, zsh shell, mpv or ClipMenu to name a few; others are for special purposes only and for the rest… seems cruel to just throw them out… into the cold 😛

Since of Today, December the 16th of 2017 year of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ; I decided I’ll be only publicising (public exercising) free and specially FOSS software. {communion} amen




  • GIMP, GMIC, Photoflow, DarktableRawtherapee,  (all working at 32bit floating point depth) , UFRawRaw Photo Processor, some also 32bits output capable =). Though rarely using Lightzone. Dcraw,
  • Nik Collection; bought by google anf then bought by DXO …. still FREE but surely not for much longer; Dfine and CEFX specially good.
  • EXIFTOOL, Imagemagick, Image optimaizer, ImageFuser for HDR work, Hugin pano, XN Convert (batch appli), favoured Fragment‘s speed over old Sequential, Tone Hacker (win) and many other open-source apps and scripts.




  • FFMPEG, youtube-dl, subliminal, alone but also in conjunction with mpv’s scripts and UI — to be able of marking in&out points while watching a shot, to immediately download subtitles for any film in any language, to extract HQ stills (any given time period), split audio and video, delete metadata from video, rewrap it in a .mov container, crop it in real time, download and convert video from almost any place, have an overlay of accurate stats, etc. are just some of the powerful things one can do
  • M P V all the waaaay, best fucking open source player ever!!! PERIOD.
  • XBMC now called Kodi as media center, Movist, and VLC as last resort
  • Hybrid (as ffmpeg frontend), a x265 10bit variant of Handbrake, Mpegstreaclip, VirtualDub (win), TsMuxer, bbDemux, remux, MoviePrint, VideoBlend, mediainfo, MKV tools
  • Avidemux nightly build with its useful filters
  • Davinci Resolve Lite this has start to become even my editor for simpler videos and with Fusion for composite stuff
  • Lightworks, interesting and capable platform but after a long betatester journey I must warn you though it is not remotelly free
  • Playing with (poor man’s Nuke) Natron



6GB of pretty descontrolled channelized cactus, self-embrodied medicinal herbs, narcoleptic míscaros and other brothers of the chaos order mostly hallucinogenic and homeless mushrooms ☘


…in the oven… but mainly ocenaudio, vsts and stuff




Specially here it is important for me to say that machines are just a tool. Of course you “need” to know and master your tools, so you are able to forget them and flow in order to push their/your limits making the most out of them. But that doesn’t mean you “need” the latest and prohibitive pro gear. I’ve seen truly great photography, videography and stuff made with cheap point&shoot old camera and a GREAT SOUL.



Pro Video = need to rent. For personal misuse, WR Pentax K-50 (superb linear sensor) and a couple zooms. A watterproof sony AF100, mainly for 🦀’s video.

Panasonic GH3 she died and I sold the remains, too lazy to bury … and my little black widow sony 9v and my {snif} dear dear GH2 too… buuuaaaaghhhhhhh 😭

Panasonic GH2 currently
Mr. Bkmcwd’s Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO4 BETA5

cards a couple 64Gb SDHC sandisk extreme 95Mb/s cards + several others less extreme SD and micro sd cards… and of course spanish classic cards, several decks

  • Batteries
  • UV filters different sizes, B&W are very expensive (but good)
  • Genustech eclipse II variND 67mm
  • 2 x circular polarizer (67mm)
  • Several mod&made macro and WA lenses and weird glasses and filters
  • Lots of step up/down rings
  • a little blue whale with zipper

Sony Hx9v 1/2.3″ sensor P&S with breast cancer

Inherited flash Metz always on vacations sold it to a very nice guy, way more geeky than me

Cheapest Samsung android mobile phone rooted and running modded OS downgraded also

Card reader, the cheaper the better, really!

Myriad of different cleaning tissues, velcro straps, cloth baggies and beeberons (WTF!!!)

2 x mini tripod 1 lonelly mini tripod; cheap, flexible, very light and handy — and not soooo sturdy

Manfrotto tripod. Very very abused

Benro monopod, *****

LowePro bag and like 5 different sizes (from 20 to 60L) inconspicuous bags

Home-made mini rigs, spare change, some industrial rope, tiny screwdrivers, velcro snails, blower, smoking paper, etc.



Zoom H1 + Rycote deadcat

Sony mini disk MZ-R700 paraplegic the poor thing

Rode Stereo shotgun mic aka Stiffy

Sony mic, AA powered and several other little mics (lavaliers, piezo,…)

Profigold cables and most ethereal precious dust, just dust.

AKG studio headphones aka Hi-Fi Donuts in coma

COMPUTER&STUFF aka the survivors

A, despite deformed by osteoporosis, most venerable grandpa motherfucker aka zero reflective screen Macbook pro 2008, jumping at 2.5 Ghz cycles, limping 6Gb ram, and spiting from a Samsung Evo 250 SSD drive. Running latest and buggiest (most stupid resource hungry OS ever!!!) OS 10.9 + logitech wireless mouse, very nice for editing (7 assignable butons) + coolmaster base with detachable fans, the only I found to really work, beside you can carry the laptop inside so it gets extra protected… which in my case is never enough 😛 My binary grandpa died with a cold motherboard stroke, auuuuuuuuUUUU!!

Maxed up (32GB) quad-core iMac Retina 27′ i7 /// despite the bullying from apple, best computer monitor (full sRGB gamut) I’ve laid my eyes on /// currently running a rootless highly modded 10.11.6 — NOT “climbing” to any Sierra anytime soon.

3 Lacie Quadra drives which (through firewire 800 >> thunderbolt and USB 3) still deliver with not a hiccup whatsoever. A few Toshiba beefy drives for redundancy and resync. An ever-growing gypsy family of repurposed HD’s, USB sticks and who knows what the hell’s that?!!! Off course I keep yet another clone of everything offsite. And so we’re ~23 Terrabytes 🙈

Pioneer amp (found in garbage). Sony boombox mod into amp, mod old skeletonized zen mp3 died, heart attacks, too much coke and salt, same with old nokia monocolor lovelly tight ass mobile phone —- god so many burials!!! — and very nice 1976 model Bose speakers, that came from NY and missed a big fire.

Sony 17′ CRT monitor…survived everything Died, pneumonia. My laptop charger, motherboard connector (replaced), an superdrive as well, tough winter +)


 gashô (?)


I have to, sorry, I have to mention Bob, a psicopathic logitech mouse which the guys call “the squeezer”, very accurate and helpful for video editing… but at night has to be enclosured… for everyone’s safety