photo by Arne Kaiser 

April the 14th, 2014      

Okay I postponed this moment for more than 2 years. As nothing else comes to mind, guess it’s time to say something about myself, mostly good of course =)

My name is Max, I chose it, it is true. The majority of days I’m a pretty awful mess of chaotic bubbles bursting into tiny popoozas, you don’t know what a popoozza is? OMG, where have you been?!!!

I like anchovies and babies the same and among many other things working through the night, cold water in big quantity (more than 1 yottalitre) so I can float and drift, bees, tirinhos, african music, to flow barefeet, flamenco, oranges, testing things so I walk by my own, good wine, silence, being able to be attentive, zombies, frontal people, adventures, cheap chocolate and expensive tech.
I badly speak 1/2 a language, I’m a slow learner… but I always try my best, failing it’s just too much fun to overdo it.

I’ve got a lot of brothers and sisters, thankfully don’t know them all and they never borrow money from me. All people that say I’m wrong are a bunch of liars, but not my enemies 😛 Enemies are my true masters

I’m a good friend to my friends; as being my friend is very demanding, I just get a handful… but they truly are las flores de mi jardín

My real profession is soul freelancer and I got loooaaads of work, it’s a new niche, you know?. I’ve got a passion for images, sound and language, this blog is a poor attempt to hive them a bit.

Right now I’ve got to go and eat somethin’, drop me a line or spit a comment anytime. Thank you for existing… but you know we all gonna die, right?  🙂

hopelessatfixingtherain << where does it come?  





 with Banatugo somewhere in Mauratania 2003, photo by ?lex


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