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  photo by afre, my edit   # Alex & Max ( a pachas)     Guapetón que te duchas con demonios, sin morder la carne de un espiritu libre el corazón se nos congela – al corazón acercate (arg) fugaz … Continue reading

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micro-colecta do solisiticio ( insert coin )

  E > D, C >B Coentros e salsa, couve lomba, acelga fonix, 2 cherry da tomateira que se nega a morrer e aguanta furacões como um kraken, hortelã chococolata, hortelã alcanforata, hortelã curriqueira (venha ela, é disto que a gente quer), … Continue reading

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New background courtesy of Patrick Cunningham

  Note: for now and till better idea springs ( ay salpica tu!) new posts would appear under this “fixed” one =) … and two hard-boiled eggs 🥚        by Patrick Cunningham   Over at in the play_raw series I … Continue reading

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