Our friend Alex once had a jungle-guide… in Thailand I think it was; who literally told him sometimes I’ll be your guide, sometimes you’ll be my guide… well, fuck me (!) if that’s not a profound and lovelly way to describe friendship.

Chen Kiu Píter for trusting me… on this one 😛

la vemm eleeee … ooohh gattooo das montaaaannnhaasssss, uuuu gggaaatttuuu dasss moonnnttaaanhassssss!!! 🐯🦁🎤🐯🐻🌵🐾🐙🙊⚡️🐯🐌🐑☘🐚🌽🍉🌴🐿🦀💦💩💩😹🐛🦁🐭🎧🎸🍭🌞🍧🦃👠🤘🤘🦁🙈🙉🐯



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