Once the night is gone

I’ll be the obituary

of my Dream, IF only these

damn dogs, stray thoughts, polluted stream

wouldn’t further crook

the roots from which I breathe.


Mediocre but that’ll bro



A spider’s single thread

has set its mind

in containing the whole of the light

of the hole in my eye,

that’s weird



………….………….…………….……. floating protons ……….


e      v      e      r      y      w      h      e      r      e     



a silk energy hair

going loose about the space

YES YES, it’s all about the space!!!

we are but space… and maybe dreamt

whatnots kneaded from liquid troubles.


There! another thread,

another life — word “life” inside a nicely drawn circle —

across my mind ===>>>> in sequential decay THUS beauty


This b e a u t y




wow, gone

into more confy

vessel aflame

more dying

changed again

more skin





In an all continuous plane

Jefe Death has disappeared

behind, inside, around

just beauty itself

and most amazing unfinished commands

carried on by Cut-cut

and some un-identifiable white flare wizzzzz

Come again (?)


and happy birthday




About m)◘(x

ni! for now
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