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My beloved GH2 had a heart attack… all seems to point out that has died 😢😢😱😢😰😢😵😖💀🤖🌿💀💀🌿 yet another burial. All happened at the same time, in the same space, the discovery of the camera’s cold body ( yes, drama… DRAMUUUCH!!!!… so we can cry and fucking scream and put all out… burn it all out, process the pain, feel the grief!!! so that then we can start everything again and repeat the same mistakes but with a more dignified know-how, je je)… So I was saying, all happened at the same time, this little swift above – who is also damaged – and ( as I wanted to take a photo of him) the discovery of the camera’s inert body. It is so many times that we’ve briefly followed these speed demons flying in the air… that when we see one… down here, shrunken, his head down, the wings all folded up with no shine on the feathers and tired sad eyes… it’s like all the power has been taken out of him, like the opposite of empowering. Today I feel a bit like this too. Anyway…




# Superb pack of 34 free pressets for Lightroom – DL Link

I’ve downloaded one by one from here – Just zipped them to save you the trouble =) The nyonebove image has a tweaked version of the Thousand-Oaks’ template


# If you’re a Windows‘ user, you might want to have a look at Flavio Tischhauser’s JPEGOptimizer, a super useful and free plugin/module


After trying most known compression optimizers (probably Guetzli running butteraugli algo – what a great name, je je –  is the best but it’s also tragically and unusably slow), this plugin for LR is very similar to my own set up through ( FOSS) imagemagick ( convert) and exiftool’s script invocation, within automated watch folders. Scripts can alternativelly be called through terminal’s command line or be embedded within automator as an app, service, folder action, etc. You can also add fancy feedback notifications with terminal-notifier; e.g.

$ echo 'Image conversion's done! | terminal-notifier -sound default


Case you’re interested, the unformatted scripts:

resize to 1200 pixels

for f in "$@"do convert "$f" -resize 1200 "${f%.*}_1200.jpg" ; echo "$f"done

optimize and strip all metadata ( web)

for f in "$@"do cjpeg -quality 84 -dct float -dc-scan-opt 2 "$f" > "${f%.*}_web.jpg" ; exiftool -all= "$f" ; echo "$f"done

As example, the image above was 932 KB and after the slimming just 136 KB with copyright metadata included; that’s ~14% of the original size 🦄 . Visually only ninja-trained eyes might grasp some ever-so-slighty-tiny-bit-of-a-minuscule-poopooza’s difference.

Case anyone wants life facilitated I recommend installing mozjpeg and imagemagick ( terminal-notifier aussi) via homebrew, the awesome package manager 4 mac


# Some other interesting and/or useful ( bold) free LR plugs:

FindDupes2  // presetripper  // thefader // layers-jfriedl // Jeffrey’s Lightroom Configuration Manager // data-plot-jfriedl  // KEYS // LensTagger //excessor // focusmask //  folder-publisher // photoupload ( tree-export)


Merci a Cristina 🐦🐤🐧





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