City pompoem & shiva-bird (POC)




Like places to be

not to represent

like places

that come as I come

that leave as I leave

that take their shoes


and then we’re both barefeet

Like places

that do not wait

that do not strive

to be free,

present in those places

and sometimes in me

is all that there is

and then is so much

joy laughter clap blinking teeth swallow light root exploring flees

single hair soft carcasing inner buik love littering earth pause

rec pause warrior dreaming comb waste and words

diffused now but moving but still, grabbing fingers

making families of dreams (SIN). Crystal boats smiling explosions


flowers and flowers and flowers through the mouth, go!

Flies over tech place to sit walking pussy juicy pussy smell of pussy

actually a wall a black dog a black cat sunshine money








breathing shadows narrow street narrow mind crap turists fast amicci

eating cramps eating people uneat.

Some hot some wheels white tide parking bonheur with a fine

stupid pidgeon funeral dance gathering sidewalks great bracagem

deadman just arrived dressing noise put finger on computer

taxi fart escaping thoughts hand in left nipple bullshit story

serpent eyes afternoon deceasing monkey-donkey more bells

nother cigarrette glasses of seeing beer beer beer beer, glub glub glub.

Play limbo macarena dust and satan licking a police officer drums

lies sweating socks garbaging, flaneuring, mimetizing bullets,

so you’re sad, good for you

so you’re hungry, good for you

so you’re dying, good for you!!

Sun on back, CO2, pulp, mesh, tram, and so on.

Early morning whores consecutively beating time non confirmation

no-notion no self preserve bowel moving crazy crow crazy crowd

ineptitude free form lost self again with feeling repetitive tas keh teh

error manager family as a concept red car fashion names bird massacre

killing me body that man! no legs we’re late to begin with.

Patience is expensive cunt.

A shower of fat cockroach ride more fucking turists or…

how we go? where is here? do you come?

Walk with your mouth open so everything gets in

pregnancy thanks world boom

BOOM! and so on

Cat glued night smells from exoesqueleton tight passage holes everywhere

inside men cora bombóm muak windy stranger

inside heart moon also closing accounting exchange analog intel

remembering hili hili hiii music

inside music once in a lifetime bird shelter bird shit

but much more dog shit idea sidewalk made of dof shit brillant theme (DIC)

dusk coolnes fatigue clothes being washed turbo nap tucha tea

fullfilment of something of something tender song

zeitgeist telescope planet zeug we play I’m a dog… and I need a TRRRRela

now you’re an owner this is your game your rules fofinho.

Too much planing aquaplaning Karma’s arm this on me

delicious food from the hands of a warm heart belonging tram bus

bus metro metro tram black gypsy white blue yellow mustard

outskirt antennas buracos buraca green lung rotonda rotonda rotonda

desert sunday crowilng downtown lay down metro tram bus bus metro

roasted chicken black beer VHS tapes nederlands lusitania retardant

comma full stop small stop fear cooperative treminhas red shoes

louder african lady verbal change just every-where here it is here it comes

dig da noiz this guy eyes out of sockets knife-mind yields his hands…

I look him in the eye and ask what? He looking in the eye

hand full of coins says money dirty money I say NO he goes around

the wagon annoying people feel like farting him out of this


Kanthavel Alex Lauri Snup Albi Dani Xico Piter Arne Lagoa Shiva Karma Biuli

bus again swalloed eyes going coming returning leaving arriving

happy seriousness communication terminals rush hour tired

low elbow and blue building sunset road… and so on


} crossing a river and flying through the blue skies {

That was a lovely pumé. On the other hands this footage I’ve gathered to show kiznit Leo the devastation of the 500 KGs shiva-bird when it’s sad, je je je maraculya quety nime poka jurobs mamóm!!! 👹🐜🐞🐣🌞🌻 & 💩🌂🌿🌪🌽


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