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Between assignments, between plumbimg fixing, wood drawer making and a bunch of other sybarite tasks I put in my head I wanted to recover this 10+ years ancient laptop. Research, let it sip and sunsets later I managed to do so. Escucha Mamem, my main goal was to get rid of the windows xp OS’ cancer, of the viruses ( everybody and their dog has abused this poor guy and without condom, pssss, brutus!!) and to be able to use it as an audio/media center as it can read cds, stream fron the web and of course play its own audio files; it even has a sd card reader to expedite (meek meek) the data exchange.

Was easy to figure out that being so old the best option was to run linux. It’s said to be 300+ linux distros, but in the present case the options got narrowed to a few possibilities. The defining specs of the machine are single core chip ( so 32bit), 486MB of RAM ( I know 486?!!) and 50+ GB ATA drive ( that’s pretty awesome).


So hammer in one hand and the other holding my testes ( just ’cause it fells good) I flushed 3 possible OSes into an ext disk, then I tried Mint, it looked very nice, many image ( even video) programs but ran too slow. I also realized that other than visualizing some photos I wouldn’t be doing any editing in this machine, thus bye bye Mint. Then I tried Puppy_Slacko, you have to love that name. The puppies are the lightest OS I’ve ever seen, the whole thing loads and runs directly from the RAM!! It was very responsive but kind of uglysh and the tools available were… a bit lacking. Adding to this I figured out the maSchine’s bottleneck was gonna be the CPU; so bye bye Puppy_Slacko, good boy!!



Finally I tried and installed Lubuntu LXDE, which as I undertood is the gypsy cousin of the Ubuntu daughter of the Debian grandpa, yes the one who fought in WWI, who lost his teeth but still kicks ass. The interface was decent ( I’m spoiled by the shinny yet soft-pseudo-metalic, round cornered, pretty gradients, happy colours mood of OSX so…), the tools were superb, specially the browser and way more “modern” than puppy. System was overall responsive with the exception of net browsing. Firefox was demanding. Fixed that with Midori, a very nice and light web browser. Also went on and installed a handfull of packages: mpv ( despite that gnome video player seems to deal better with the system’s limited resources), fzf, htop ( dunno why ’cause the system manager is very good), guake terminal, vnstat, hh, thefuck, mozpeg, iftop ( w colours je je), z, shell-translate, boxes ( ?) and other light aliasing feathers so that a dumb monkey can pretend being doing something interesting (see, 4 ings denoting mucho bussy).





Case you wondering, the fish or Sinhorina Bujú as she likes to be called is on F12, which triggers a roll down full screen guake terminal. Idea is to be able to do so without looking, look mom no teesss

After minor soft and hard cosmetics everything was looking good but the keyboard. Some of the keys had turn into zombies and others were dead and buried… and for the life of me using another keyboard was completelly out of question. The easy rute seemed AutoKeys, yet at a whooping 300+ MB grandpa said I’m too old for this shite. So I had to remap the keys manually ( xev helped). First I tried with xbindings (not quite there), also moddifying X11 keymapings (neither) and finally managed with xmodmap.   

Ran updates, stickers’ due, fed C-vitmin to grandpa and fit his glasses , browsed and wondered the interwebs for a bit , connected maxrlub ( silly name) to boombox, fired up and config wifi, created an m3u playlist with the stream address in audaccious ( great stock audio player) and now I can listen to radio3 and stress all day loooooooooooooooooooooog sucker +)



Also set up an streaming net around VLC, so all computers can send video and audio directly to the media station and/or play it in sync. Something I’ve always wanted to tray, go around the house and the music goes around with you =) hassle free, with no worries but wirelessly




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