incongruently VII (las lagrimillas entre el iris y el colágeno astral)


 Video by Mike Olbinski


Hey there 🐑, welcome to another bath of critical mass… well maybe not so critical but massive nevertheless  N E V E R   T H E   L E S S   ! ! !

First off thanks Alex for the subtitle and all these years of friendship =)

This whole universe of scrappes forms almost unwillingly as, mostly through virtual intertfaces and its controls, I daily spend a long time looking, sorting and tweaking stuff — and I really mean “stuff” because sometimes I don’t know anymore what it is that I’m doingThis tools become a bit like a shack-base. Personally I stop seeing the numbers, the sliders, the checkboxes, the diagrams and feedback’s graphics; they all are “just” cogs and wheels that allow me to massage an image, to glue together 2 moments, to interact with people far away, to solve a problem, to share something else. But ( without contradiction) these things that are part of the work or pop up when less expected ( like the manga traps and naked ladies, ja ja ja) end up being part of my life, of our lives. Today if someone ask you somethin’ you don’t know or if you want to assert the true facts (link) about something you say google that… so we get used to, humans use and get used to the tools, the technology that allows us to do, to manipulate, to achive something; many of them end up becoming part of our culture. Yet, if we step back for a bit… it’s kinda surreal, don’t ya think?

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Now and putting an end to this too-much-cacophonic-flood, I’d like to shift gears and engage something that belongs to a more intangible reality


 Naked monitor


Naked monitor
just enough
water so green,
along the lines
all is falling
mechanicly blue.
Dwarfing a wave of doubt
the sun is here
walk with me
sun is here
tell the moon
about my dreams
making nest-vision
a church in each heart
holy guacamolly
and sex plants.

The sun is here
walk with me
sun is here
walking me

Ahó father
hocus pocus
pilates platz

Ahó mother
the earth’s fragrance
is your sheath

This morning
anger’s gone
morning of today
I feel lighter
carrying only pocket words
basted as a prayer
but more like a song,
a peaceful
an ocean
of humble surrender.



take pictures
with the eyes closed

keep up

the pace

gravel noises


This is not a concept
this is a heart


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