something… remains: A2Z in 4 songs



Merci a Boris, Yago, Ana, Tiberio, Célia, Píter, Diana, Biuli and very VP


\\\ Root One (?) – track 05
\\\ Glenn Gould, Leonard Rose, Jaime Laredo
Bach Sonatas for Violin & Hapischord – Adagio with cancer
\\\ La Compagnie des Anges – Valse à Mario
\\\ U Srinivas & Michael Brook – Saranambhava Karuna


While editing the video I had this feeling, well many feelings, because it’s like living though all of it again but slower, and rewinding and then forward again, then the remix part which is fun, the puzzle and to get lost in the universe of details and colours… So I was saying that this is maybe the montage I’ve put together that’s more like being inside my head. BTW the little cat spend 1 week with me, got as fat as biologically possible, I managed to get her eyes open and the wound on her head’s left side started to heal… didn’t had time to give her a name but she took my heart the same, je je je korny wonkerz. Then a baby brother also appeared,  a beautifully fluffy – and I mean it, cotton candy hair – big headed male that looked like a mini grey wolf and talked way less  :P. So I went to talk to the babies’ parents, basically WTF are you doing with your children guys?!!! and they agreed in having them back. That day I cried (and I am not the cryiing type); then had a tough swim, then ate, then a long stroll; came back with the sunset and wearing a smile. Who cares?! The kittens do =)


A couple screen-grabs.
The edit, stickies everywhere so I remember, remember to forget


and grade… donkeys are such tender beasts with the longest eyelashes, stubborn, yes I totally identify, just wish my white hair shined away like on this lady




Of the films I saw during this 2 month period it’s only worth mentioning Tsangari’s Chevalier (a film about men) and Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women (obviously a film centered on women).

I also did other stuff, in the photo by VP I’m sawing the screws while recharging my balls… which reminds me

Some sites pop up and between laughs and disbelief I try not to fall from the chair


The caption would read somethin like zombies love(d) animals too



And we shall end the post like the film starts with the coolest: Mr Gafa



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