ANIMALIPSTICK • VI ( 3 short animations once in a while)



Wow it’s been more than a year since the last Animalipstic chapter… I knew one a month would be too much. As it has been so long, triple dose on animations =)
I’ll update the credits with time
Added propper credits, tittle and release year =)

A Dog’s Life • 2015


A shortfilm by
Pieter Vandenabeele
Charles X – Can You Do it • 2016


Label: Alter-K
Management: Tentacule Records
Lyrics: Charles X
Music: Redrum
Director: Quentin Baillieux
Production :
Co-producers : Les Androids Associés (previz)
Executive Producer : Corry Van Rhijn
Producer : Julie Bellemare
Animation studio : Brunch
Post Production : Nightshift
Storyboard : Noé Lecombre
Character design : Wandrille Maunoury
Typography : Pierre-Alban Kientz
Modeling : David Arnould, Clement Lauricella, Valentin Samuel, Théo Dusapin
Set up : Adrien Gentil, Maxime Cozick
Animation 2D : Michael Bataille, Tristan Poulain, Amélie Maurice
Motion Design : Almir NagoAnimation 3D : Axel Digois, Aline Hananel, Johann Le Pouder,Rendering : Candice Theuillon, Remi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Jean-Charles Kerninon
Previs Artists : Les Androids Associés – Volcy Gallois-Montbrun, Tristan Laville, Guillaume Robert, Henri Zaitoun
Editor : Benjamin Massoubre
Color grading : Gabriel PorierColor grading consultant : Luis Arteaga
Stagiaires développement : Arthur Chaumay, Leïla Courtillon  

Mellem Væggene • 2015


Sara Jespersen Holm
Director/Story Development/Animator –
Agnete Maltha Winther
Animator/Production Manager/Story Development – www.
Sara Fenya Aunbirk
Art Director/CG Generalist –
Casper K. Christensen
Technical Director/Pipeline Management/Assistant Production Management –
Camilla Anderson
CG Generalist –
Frederikke Berg
CG Generalist – www.
Anne Birk Petersen
Animation Lead /Visual Development/Story Development –
Louise Gregersen
Animator/Character Design –
Stine Dalsgaard Andersen
Additional Work:
Morten Jæger
CG Artist
Anne-Mette W. Andersen
CG Artist
Siriphon Fah Anuntasomboon
CG Artist
Lærke Kromann
CG Artist
Martin Baadsgaard
CG Artist

VIDEO 69 • 2016


A BFA3 film at CalArts by Ingo Raschka
Nowhere Man • 2016


Zilai Feng, 3rd year film at Calarts (aka Me)
Music – Jaron Crespi Sound Design – Skylar Chen
Voice Square Head – Lucie Li 李沁颖
Girl – Severa Cheung 张思绮
Pointy Hair – Me

Symphony no. 42 • 2015


Directing, Writing, Editing, Production Design, Art Direction and Animatied by
Réka Bucsi
Produced by
József Fülöp
Sound Department
Péter Benjamin

My Stuffed Granny • 2014


Based on a story by Nina Kouletakis
Directed by Effie Pappa
Produced by Miranda Ballesteros
Voice Narration: Effie Pappa
Story adaptation by Effie Pappa, Miranda Ballesteros, Melissa Iqbal
Voice over written by Katerina Giannakou
Production Designer: Thomas Antony Lowthion
Director of Photography: Tristan Chenais
Editor: Sibila Estruch
Composer: David Pearce
Sound Editor: Marton Kristof
VFX Supervisor – Online Editor – Colourist: Ram K. Tripathi Samaveda
CG Supervisor: Daniel Neeson
Slow Wave • 2016


Andy Kennedy
Re-recorded at Studio Unknown
Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin Hill, CAS
Audio Post Coordinator: Jaime Horrigan

Dömestik • 2014


Directing, Writing and Animating by
Ignatz Johnson Higham

Susanna Herbert Susanna Herbert — Anja (voice)
Tarrick Benham Tarrick Benham — Billy (voice)
Richard Reed — (voice)
Caroline Spencer — (voice)
Create a character page for: Create » ?
Sound Department
Mike Wyeld — sound mixer



Screenplay: Paulo Mosca
Executive production: Trimono & This Way Publicity
Producers: Abel Sánchez / Paulo Mosca / Marcin J. Sobzak
Art Direction: Paulo Mosca
Color Key Artist: Alfonso Salazar
Animation: Nacho Rodriguez / Paulo Mosca
Editing: Abel Sánchez / Paulo Mosca
Desing: Abel Sánchez
Image Post-production: Abel Sánchez
Music and Sound Design: Banjo Music
Composer: Iván Llopis
Lead Soundesigner: Dani Trujillo
Sound Designers: Alberto Carlassare / Fran Paredes / Marc Solá



with the voices of:
Sven Scheele
Daniela Schulz
Elmar Gutmann
Alexander Küsters
Sebastian Lörscher
Cecilia Kindermann
Jan Spänhoff
Story & Animation:
Xaver Xylophon
Xaver Xylophon & Ariana Berndl
Sound Engineer Dialogue Recording:
Jonas Pohl
Sound Post Production:
OTO Studios
Sound Engineer & Sound Designer:
Max Hachemeister
Foley Artist & Sound Editor:
Christian Heiter
Sound Engineer & Sound Editor:
Martin Burkard
Additional Sounddesign:
Kilian Teichgräber
Music “I can’t sleep without you”:
Xaver Xylophon
Professor Nanne Meyer
Andronike Roedel



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