something… to believe



  Bill Frisell – from 1997 Nashville album /// Family

Today the froggys were cold, suspitious of me how can you be, how can you be swimming so happy, IT IT IS CO OLD?!!! Even the frog’s kindergarten was deserted and those remaining had ill colours. Yes, had to swimm real fast, body’s temp dropped like crazy (ahhhh I’m dropping!!), first 3 laps are the worst, then there is a doubt about the 15th… Bill Frisel’s on the PA… rainning and all, I’ll swimm the same, if it need be with the stars. Our bodies can go far beyond what we’re used to… one friend of mine enlisted in the mercenary used to say that. I miss him, I miss you Guevara.




The rain has come to stay and that means the green stuff’s popping out, already collected some beetroot, chards and veggie brains –cut them real thin – says mr mouse, he is small but a bossy motherfucka – and form a top layer on the fussili – I do as told, then sprinke grated goat cheese when it’s dente caliente, yuuuummmy. Stinging nettle would come soon and with it the hard-on soup; country side wisdom, I am a donnnnkkkkeeyyyyyy with very little teeeeeethhhhh, would you loooovve me daaaaaarrling, would you run your fingers through my dirty donkey hairrrrrrrr???!!! I can’t giiiiiiveee yooouuu everything you waaaaannnt but we can share the paths’ duuuussttt!!!!!!



I’m starting to suspect that somethings don’t take so long but rather I make a little adventure out of it… I should have brought my guitar and torment the little frogs with corny love songs; shut up, I know you like them!!!
Done, 3 lamps all with unmatching teck and colours; a double neon mix of daylight and 3200K, a yellow antimosquito bulb inside of an olive can and a energy saver one inside a yellow tupperware with a pink napking over it, ja ja ja ja… not so bad as it sounds. Tetrapacks with parsil, coliander and chives, make rice, gather all manure bags and cover them, a mini terrace with broken shale plates, make a huge pot of soup, clean the garden passage, the rubble around the house, general house cleaning and washing, a xist shelf for the washing tools, fix the outlets, time for desert, scream with mice family making too much noise, better djay for them.




Reminder: the compost spot is being left to die, flies have massively complain DO SOMETHIN’ MAN!!!  disassemble and re-use plastic cover after stonemason comes and steals the wood… maybe kill him just for fun, anyway think about Attica, how dense might be mpv’s deep fried post structure and the 10 animations lined up and waiting FOREVER. Call your mother, have patience, massage your 2 and a half neurons, try Ami also. Search for drugs and remember the figs, they’re so sweet. Forget the superesolution stuff, it’s too much hassle. Snup’s birthday must be soon, investigate… a little. Jesus blog never failed me yet, never faiiiiled me yet.

  The mouse boos says you have to put Nina!!!
  Nina Hagen – from 1996 album Friendly Abductions /// Universal Radio (mix)

Do you have any tobacco?

Time for dinner now, maybe a film if you eat it all………….. gashô


Each of those bags weights as much as me, the ones that were wet, more.
Weight liftiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinng!!!!



Lakota tribe says believing is seeing



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