process’ vid + 2 packs of free LUTs


The video presented above it’s just me watching and grading some footage while listening to radio… I know fascinating, ja ja ja, But in the doing, my dear Alex’s beautiful BS phrase made total sense continuity is hosted by the space, I rackon one could change “continuity” by relations, love, life, and so on. Other than plainly beautiful I find those words clear and “accurate”. Lalal la laaaa =)
El Sótano’s live stream, RNE3
You can download all/any podcasts’ episodes here:
Merci a Sara, Vp and bunny funny Ester {look it’s a heart shaped faul farting alien ship!!!}

The Petteri pack 

4 size64 LUTs: velviaesque, portraesque, proviaesque and crossprocess. Ripped from Petteri’s nice fim simulation curves using IWLTBAP LUT generator.

All merit and credit must go to Petteri Sulonen



+ Lightroom version’s direct DL
and GIMP’s version


The GmaGma pack 

These are my own 5 size64 bastards. They have been developed using a rigorously unscientific method while the wildest coconut’s storm, just sayin’. BTW in the video above I used the GmaGma LUT Licensed as Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike


GmaGma LUTs



Boths packs include a fully clumsy colour chart, slothssss delighttt!!

GmaGma                                                                                               Petteri’s

GmaGma_test_chart_sRGB Petteri_test_chart_sRGB



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