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The following text is a slightly modified CC of my last entry on a thread over at Personal-View dedicated to mac free stuff


DL >> rx_STAB         


So, what is rx_STAB?

A micro-app for OSX that invoques ffmpeg’s vidstabdetect & vidstabtransform to stabilise footage.

Where does this come from?

I’ve been editing footage that needed stabilisation and warp didn’t cut it. So I searched for alternatives. Though I didn’t find the holy grail, the Pythons got there before me, I stumbled with a script at videoHelp forums; this one

I know nothing about almost everything, it’s not humbleness it’s the ugly truth, nevertheless I figured that pasting the code into an automator bash wouldn’t be too difficult. And that’s what I just did.

What do you get out of using it?

The end of the world is inminent – as predicted by the oracle mr @K – it seems just logic that some sort of stabilization for the masses will be needed, who in hell wants to see catastrophes in shaky 4k?!!!

It is not the cure for cancer or the substitution for 15 axis gimbals, but at least it’s free =)

Usage, Indications, limitations, credits and disclaimer

  • Usage: simple, drag and drop files onto the app (droplet), OSX only
  • don’t know why but doesn’t work with movs, .MTS and .mp4 are just fine.

  • the app is open so you can change anything you wanna wanna want. Just drag it to automator, use the “document.wflow” inside or the bash below.

  • one thing you probably would have to change is the path to “ffmpeg’s” build (just drop ffmpeg’s unix file into a terminal window) or add a PATH. In the bash I used /usr/local/bin/. If you don’t have a recent ffmpeg build the easiest way to skip compiling is to download hybrid and with the Show Package Contents navigate to and use the ffmpeg exec found in

  • I used the -an -f null NUL version that Selur (developer of Hybrid) indicates, so it does not create the dummy video you can see below (the part of the black squares and vector dancers). Also lazily added a command that deletes the .trf file with the stabilization analysis info.
    If you want the dummy just add "${f%.*}" -y after show=1 and delete the previous. If you also want to keep the .trf file, delete the find . -name '*.trf' -type f -delete before echo

  • The result file is a proRES 444 with 16le PCM audio, again change it to you heart’s will

  • All credit must go to ffmpeg developers and racer-x and Selur, see first link in post

  • The disclaimer is simple, the app it’s provided as it’s, use it at your own risk.

    If anyone manages to understand why doesn’t work with movs I’ll love to know. No payed software was used in the app or video ,-)

The bash itself

for f in "$@"
/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i "$f" -vf vidstabdetect=shakiness=10:accuracy=15:result="${f%.*}~na.trf":show=1 "${f%.*}" -y
/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -i "$f" -vf vidstabtransform=crop=black:input="${f%.*}~na.trf" -c:v pix_fmts=yuv444p10le -sws_dither none -q 0 -quant_mat hq -c:v prores_ks -quant_mat 4 -alpha_bits 0 -profile:v 4 -vtag ap4h -c:a pcm_s16le -f mov "${f%.*}"
find . -name '*.trf' -type f -delete
echo "$f"


DL >> rx_STAB         


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