Today I woke up and saw my father

He was there, looking back at me… with this expression … funny, sad, tragic even, peripatetic, wise, the I’ll hear you alright but most definitively I wont believe you sort, with abandoned puppy but ever sparkling kind eyes… that was so him.
For a man that didn’t know how to laugh you had an outstanding sense of humour.
In depite all, or maybe ’cause of it all you kept going on; I salute you Pachus, father.

Then I toasted a couple slices of homemade rye bread and boiled a moka of Chiapa’s coffee. Went outside to have a smoke, to hear the neverending gossip of the birds, to say yellow to the sun, to the wind, to the clouds.

Took a very hot shower, washed my teeth, came down to the suite, put my colourfull skull t-shirt, lighted an incense, offered the merit, connected the hard drives and deleted all the timelines.

Now lets start again, fresh, newborn baby Jesus on anphetamines power editing



 For the true geeks without frontiers

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