5 days with Paulinho // 12 photos I like (IV-2016)


Pau making the sun shine more, sweat even  

Hey there, how are you?

Very recently I had the opportunity to spent 5 days with enimitable Paulo Morais, a true Jartist and close friend of mine, hey where’s my wallet?!!!

Paulo was doing an artist residency in Alemtejo at the beautifull Moinho Fonte Santa (link) and so I went to help, to film, to cook, to nag, to shout, to dream, to assemble or destroy… whatever was needed and of course also what was not needed, this is my nature…. perhaps

It were 5 good days, busy, challenging, teasing, rewarding, humbling, surprising and all of those mouth-filling adverbs that may make this sound like a cool thing, because it was actually very nice. I also met the 3 beautiful people Ema, Manel and Mafalda who run the show and a pack of very old dogs, one of them was the reincarnation of the formidable Charlie Rivel (vid), it’s truuuuuuuuue.

Could but mention not Kayu his little samurai brother Joyu and their mum Marta, gashô


 photo by Marta Morais

I didn’t write a single word and due to the fact that we were filming all the time I only manage to steal a handfull of pics. These I got affectionate with =)






Well, that’s almost all, I wanna I wanna I wanna….
BTW finally it is possible to comment on each individual post, jajaja like it’s going to make any difference, yihiii, alright, shake it up, caracoles anarquistas!!

Case you feel like having a speeded up peep on the tragic clowns fighting for better visuals’ circus party aka first stage of the developing process, here you go:



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