just a couple more… videos


This one was borned quite “naturaly” and efortless. I had some unused public domain footage accumulated in a hard drive and then there’s Cyrille’s beautiful cover. While the baking proccess, got to stay overnight at my good friend Dani, somehow the sharing of conversations, dreams, goals and fears also made its way into the video and that truly is the cherry on top of the seal.

Of course I had to sprinkle a little bit of grading tests to reasure the unfolding of time wasting itself  XD



From 2013, I also rescued the full version of RUNCHI, which is nothing more than a poor recollection in the form of a visual diary reflecting (from a mirror POV) the passage of a brand new friend (Runchi) together with a brand old one (Alex) onto Lisbon’s urban landscape. Maybe there are not definitive traces left on the asphalt, but those our hearts gathered are surely clear. Sometimes Alex’s a pain in the ass, but truth to be told, without him there would be much less magic in my life, seal the deal maaaan!

For a small gallery of pics (updated with the full version) you can visit the original post – HERE



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