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(VIDEO): During the Chicago Movement for Freedom, Mahalia Jackson joined his friend Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., whe he was preaching a sermon about justice and equality at Church. Jackson, who is known as the “Queen of Gospel Music”, sang the spiritual “Joshua Fit / Fought the Battle of Jericho”. King, who considered that negro spirituals were “the most original of all American music”, said: “I think I can say concerning this great Gospel singer in our midst, our dear friend, my great friend Mahalia Jackson, that a voice like this comes only once in a millenium.”

Like King, Jackson was a devout Christian and Civil Rights activist as well, She sang “How I Got Over” at the March on Washington, where she stayed behind King when he was pronouncing his historical “I Have a Dream.” Witnesses and biographers have documented that, as King was getting to the end of his speech, Mahalia shouted to him saying: “Tell them about the dream, Martin!”.And then, the Reverend described his dream of freedom and equality, which he had previously preached in other sermons.

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