?lex – the harmony in practicing chaos



Hi there, it is humbled yet proud that I present to you these group of pictures from an unique artist, magician, explorer and good friend






As it’s common to all the adventures with Alex, this one started within an already in extremis situation: among many others stills and videos, these images were prisoners in a failing external hard drive. I offered my help to Alex and we were able to recover them. As I was going through the files checking the extent of the damages (see data corruption in the pic below) I got submerged into a surreal world of sceneries which forms, shapes, hues and inhabitants seemed like miniature models with a purpose completely beyond my understanding. Hurriedly I drag a handful of this matter of dreams into my computer; hurriedly as I tend to do things in such fashion (sneeze) but most unavoidably ’cause Alex was catching a plane to Dakar in a couple hours =)




exiftool -all= {path to file(s)} >> removes all EXIF metadata

dcraw -e {path to file(s)} >> extracts jpeg embed in a raw file

I’ve been living, getting to know… falling in love with these images for more than a week, with the help of Gabiot (my devoted and winged assistant KAKAKÁ) we’ve refined a selection and organised it in some sort of order. More than editing the photographs, is the awakenings that happen while at their company and the relations we’re able to stablish between them that’s enriching. I even recorded an hour long video of the process but… who’s got time for so much bullshit, right? Anyway Gabiot rightfully insisted in applying a kodachrome film emulation at the end and so we did. Lastly I want to thank Alex for the opportunity of freely messing with his work and also sharing it here. Brother keep the poopoozas comin’ !!!




Please click any image 4 gallery view




As if it not enough Lexi also made time to port_ray me, jiji – my edit ala Conrad


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