a little story ’bout a water reservoir


Once upon a time there were an old couple, he was called Afo and she answered to Chiu. These two guys were very very {trembling lips of consternation} afrrraid of water shortage, and they should ‘cause the world where they lived was merciless and under constant change – “constant change”, hum funny paradox.
So they decided to sacrifice some space in their tiny kitchen and adopt a water reservoir for the rainy days to come.

Afo and Chiu died and many other different people went on benefiting the beautiful house. But the world had gotten more stable, at least for the growing middle earth creatures and so the water reservoir was first unused and then forgotten.Till one day and that day always arrives in the fairytales, a young chevalier of the land of the barbecues named Pepito looked at it with the eyes of looking at things and said: Chapu chapu marra chapu que chale no ni hay luminolus que po quito nose ve nada which could be translated as oh! I see you there water reservoir and I salute you in your sad corner, pity that your time has gone by and now you are just waisting space and stealing light of this, otherwise, very practical compartment; we shall find you more appropriate place… Well the truth is that the idea of removing the water reservoir was from Arribas, Pepito’s good and loyal (and who actually made all the good thinking) squire.

K rela

So a couple moons later and with many clumsy actions and even more complicated manoeuvres and magic tools Pepito and his helper Purplis (after 18 years Arribas had taken a well deserved holidays ) took it down without harm or stress; and after an eternity of manual sawing and piercing the remainig holding structure was also modded into… some kind of practical thingy. The water reservoir heaved a languorous sigh who knows if relieved, excited for new adventures or simply out of pure tiresomeness.

Meanwhile the kitchen window was open wide for the first time in decades and inspired by the pervading light and synthesizing milenia of human kind’s knowledge Pepito created and uber elaborate device that allowed the before mentioned to be stabilized in 20º increments {ejem, loosely aproximative}… next step: conspurcation

K wind p

And ’cause you’re so curious to what happened to the poor homeless water reservoir? Our good and trusty Pepito went further in his benevolent actions towards the well being of all the creatures (breathing or constipated) of the cosmos and found the nicest spot, with sun and shadow and birds and flowers and asian wasps and pinecones and silly butterflies and even seaguls going to blues’ mass on sundays; a new home, yeahhhHH!! Furthermore and coincidentally with our hero practical nature, the water deposit regained a new job as container of the remains of what some snob people call relationships.




And so everybody was happy forever and ever and a day, maishh ou menoshh, maishh ou menosshh… as thankfully nothing lasts forever, je je je. My story is done; but now this story is also yours =)




  Next in line How I Didn’t Kill Myself Shaving with a Century Old Straight Razor 😀

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