Ex-Madrastra (from Karuma diaries) – – – What are you talking about man?!!! – – – 490 words, NHIF!


photo by daju Karma


Nina Simone - Wild Is The Wind

Hey out there inside the global virtual net!!!

Finally the doctors found what my “problem” was, it’s called woodlouse syndrome. It is a chronic and degenerative disease that starts with ever so slightly disquiet whenever darkness sets and ends up with me becoming a woodlouse wandering about on the walls with a thousand feet and ultra compulsion to find mystic food. So now that I know, feel much better… 😛


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Korsori banta TST?
Back in the city with some home made ten took and a better Karma, jiji
Saw a pregnant cat lady with chewed up ear. We pet her for a bit.
Just outside campus getting high on the rush hour’s activity.
In my bag a whale with a round stone, a shell and radioactive-green fishing line in her belly; my gift for Chiara‘s 38th birthday.
We are getting old and wise and no doubt childish at the same time.

It is time that ceases and not the ending of meaning.
J. Krishnamurti

Snorkelling man, goofy but friendly rises his hand yellow =)
The fool moon, glowing between two traffic lights
it’s unavoidably comfortable to watch.

Leaves… dry and wilingly fly around in all directions, what a strange scenario!
Seven two six to Pontinha, a mess of white balance decisions, fearlessly, glitched yet detached, beautifully random plastic bags dancing amongst the cars.
I am no cool, also I’ve stopped worrying ’bout what gets me and strive for its rhythm. Bullshit choreography, darkness postponed one more day… who’s the soundtrack?


composite image made out of 206 single captures (400% increase)

God what a great yesterday flowing get-together of familiar faces. Known friends, new house from before the big earthquake, versed habits, mixed alimony, permeable ideas, heterogenic energies, empathic orchestration on the dream of being alive emancipating itself from any possible programming, ja ja ja come ‘n’ get me, renewed bonds… yes… acceptance, active, tender and sincere, smiles, laughs, loads of laughs, blinking shiny eyes that just for a split second unravel its roots from the soul’s bight. Completely drunk on friendship, on celebration, on the spunk of timely and buoyant conversations…

Beauty, beauty borned on the faces of my good old friends

Dusk is all, and here we are in a packed two zero seven back to somewhere yet to discover… let’s call it Ex-Madrastra


Bon Voyage Lagoa, Stay cooli-iaooli Ki, Piteripoweris quebranozes, Thomas assim, Karma de corazao poço, Javi chulo gachas-migas, Dani fragilizantemente, du Snup pelos telhados, a Joana sem fim e o Maxû e seus poopoozas




And while we wait the release of The Little Prince animated film, Paramount… they just had to cast, mr. Uuuhhh I’m sooo interesting Jaimito Franco and ever dull McAdams barbie, ghrrrr – next year on my birthday – I’d like to invite you to watch and maybe ponder on this (merci a Kurth) and specially on Otis‘ story +)



Did you know that only 3 people in Korea live? – woodlouse Mike

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