Driftwood’s Vlog-L tests grade // Premiere’s bugs workaround

Some of my entries at PV's premiere thread

Whatup mafiadi casa di banhu =)
If during project manager cleanings you encounter this wonderful welcome carpet

Disabling export “Including Preview Files” seems to do the trick – working 4 CC2014 and 2015. The catch is having to re-render delicate wool sweatshirts… nothing major. Lenga-lenga from the people of the adobe


To add LUTs to Premiere’s new Lumetri workspace, you can “Show Package Contents” over PR (mac), then go through Contents > Lumetri > LUTs > Technical and drop there a copy of your LUTs. They will show at input LUT’s drop-down list =) I wish though there was a next/previous button option, as 3D Lut Creator has, to go through a set of “looks” much faster… and also being able to apply them as the output…




Nother bug, Premiere – AME (adobe media encoder) related; and its workaround.
If like in example above you're bringing your own LUTs or an external set to Premiere’s Lumetri panel, beware that those same LUT’s have to live inside AME’s lumetri folder too, otherwise any export through AME will be off, they have to be clone folders (so to speak). Probably the same happens to SpeedGraVe as the ref final image is already showing this.

My personal view of new lumetri space is unchanged, it looks good on paper but it’s very resources hungry, a minimally complex look turns system into a zombie horny for brains to a point of having to chop several heads. For some small and precise finishing touches it works, not so for any serious grading process. This voodoo mojo seems to escalate when using other LUTs than the supplied by default.


Stills from (remerci) Nick Driftwood's Gh4 showGun run viloGO noseque+






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