2 more nebs and une vach ki rie carago

Everybody is free to do as he/she likes but seeing the videos at vimeo or youtube in proper couch mode makes the world of difference… if for nothing else to spare your beautiful eyes ,-)  ay sí que linda colexión de ojitos



Today while collecting rocks and surface samples I could swear I heard some super-smooth waltz. Maybe was just an hallucination, which is even more worrisome.

Anyway, there’s no need to Punish the Atoms, like my friend Snup once said “to render everything is to be” (WTF ???) =)

Jakob Bro guitar, Jakob Hoyer drums and Anders Chistensen bass
live at Casa do Núcleo, São Paulo
Here original – youtu.be/uylhpteoLtw

Merci a Biulix, Edu, Helene Isabel and jolly Jô. Remerci a Vitaly, PV crew and Driftwood’s magic dust


Featuring double-Lex, Cleo and sweetheart Leo

Jackson Browne – The Barricades of Heaven
Tweaked Adrian Johnston’s OST for Isolation

GH2 patched with bkmcwd’s Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO4 BETA5 (salud!!) /// pany 14-140 /// variND that taints with HORROR!!!! /// recorded in 24p, 24p80% and 24p300% modes (no sound) /// Hybrid rinsing /// sacrificial grain a tutti pleni /// DRL, no vat +)


Merci a bkmcwd, Driftwood, Cbrandin VK and PV crew


My days in planet Nebula T8 are numbered; I’ve been already assigned another mission.

Nevertheless these few days have been very peaceful… maybe has to do with the wonderful discovery of the Alfaminete Forest, far west on the southern hemisphere… I diligently flaneur around till I’m lost, unattached… then the creatures come and we play till the second sunset.

Merci a Albi, Donatello, Edgar, Marta and sweethearted siblings, Karma and friend, Crazy Nun, Manel, strong papitom, poll dancers, clown, djays, breakdancers, jugglers and all participants’ super warm and humbling open heartness, you’re the best. roundaboutlx.wordpress.com

Also Vitaly, Per Litchman, PV crew and Nick Driftwood


See how much I care for the zound oh bebe baby flyzinha?






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