ANIMALIPSTICK • IV ( 3 short animations once in a while)




Řeči, Řeči, Řeči (Words, Words, Words) • 1991



Director: Michaela Pavlatová
Producer: Dagmar Juráková
Script: Michaela Pavlatová
Dramaturgy: Jiři Kubíček
Sound: Ivo Špalj
Music: Zuzana Navarová / Vít Sázavský
Editor: Gaia Vítková
Photography: Jarka Zimová
Animation: Michaela Pavlatová
Production Company: Krátký Film


CODA • 2014



Director: Alan Holly –
Producer: Ciaran Deeney –
Writers: Alan Holly and Rory Byrne –
Art direction & backgrounds: Ronan McMeel –
Music: Shane Holly –
Animation: Alan Holly, Rory Byrne and Eoghan Dalton –
Colouring and shadows: Eimhin McNamara –
Backrgounds: Áine McGuinness –
Starring: Brian Gleeson, Orla Fitgerald, Donie Ryan and Joseph Dermody
Music recording: Paul Finan
Voice recording: Tony Kiernan
Sound design: Michelle Fingleton
Sound editing: Andy Kirwan
Sound mixing: Garret Farrell –
Musicians: Shane Holly, Aoife Dowdall, Katie O’Connor, Larissa O’Grady, Jenny Dowdall
Emma Scott: Production Executive for the Irish Film Board
Pauline McNamara: Executive Producer – RTE
Fionnuala Sweeney: Film Specialist – Arts Council
Jill McGregor: Schemes & Applications Co-ordinator for the Irish Film Board
Thanks to Sean McCarron & Jennifer Evans


Vincent • 1982



Director: Tim Burton
Script: Tim Burton
Voice over: Vincent Price
Producer: Rick Heinrichs
Original Music: Ken Hilton
Cinematography: Victor Abdalov
Production Design: Tim Burton
Additional designer: Rick Heinrichs
Sculptor: Rick Heinrichs
Animation: Stephen Chiodo
Technical director: Stephen Chiodo
Production Company: Walt Disney Productions




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