HOUND no borboletario

 IMG_2113_processed2photo by Biuli, my edit 


Today’s hot
people looking crazy
reality’s melting off
leaving a grotesque delayed
. . . trail
of humanity . . .

What is it that is
you want me calling you?

My base is sound
extra pacacity dismal reflexion
so I can leave the ground
to the other side of sanity.

While we excel at being us
the clouds merge into each other,
people go shopping,
a little girls’s mesmerized
by her reflexions on the cars
as she walks . . . very slowly,
her father shouts – hurry up!

The light holds all
buildings’ roofs
and a black mama passes
with a collosal butt
enclosured by too tight
a pair of jeans.

Budhas’s watching over us
assisted by the solar powered praying wheels
made in China.
Dikky’s onto online puppies,
we’re about to eat

I drank
I spoke my BS out,
I looked
and was looked in the eye.

In the public transport
next to 3 african muslim pops,
My heart is my biggest person
. . . really . . .



photo by Biuli, my edit 


an impromptu form, from just now


All the tyrant children of the world
were transformed into tiny baby squids,
they kept their shinny innocent eyes
while their parents ate them.
It happened on a Sunday
precisely, when the same phrase
letf the shelter of their blossoming mouths:
I always want to remain bored.



more loose stuff from afternoon at the park

The tree is leaving
I don’t know where
but it’s leaving.
Said domethin’ about
the only path being the one under its roots

The tree is leaving
and I am taking its place,
’cause I always wondered
how would it be like
to feel the rain
for a couple hundred years
and then take six weeks
to undress . / . ;
droping leave by leave
onto the whirly mouths
of northern winds

Having a family of coal ravens
or a myriad sparrows
would be such a cooly coolio YO!

Of many creatures’ lives
I’ld become witness and confident

\\\ the sound of a beaten and enraged teddy bear at a teddy bear’s therapy session is quite somethin’ – I’ve been told ///

I wonder how long it takes
for an email tree to tree?
I could write:
Salam alecum brother oak,
how are you doing today?


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