This Nebula planet is weird, its hues are tingly and there are 4 seasons in each weak. So a place looks very different depending from a moment to another. Wonders!!

Recently I made contact with what it seems an intelligent creature, hopefully someone with whom to have a conversation… trying to find a Common Language in order to communicate. Energy is already good.

Here Are The Facts You Requested – The Core
From 2007 album All My Favorite Things At Once

Merci a mr Kaiser, Karma, VP, VK, PV comune, and DRIFTWOOD inc




This chapter-four-thingy has been quite a messy one. I’m aware and consequent with the fact that I tried to pack too much stuff into such a short runaway… that and some technical dificulties have made this one of the more challenging chapters to deliver. Deliver to whom? Such a good quetion uninvited guest; to the unknown, to a frail trail of lost souls, to the hungry ghosts… maybe. Anyway, I also had lots of fun and learnt invaluable (and soon to forget) lessons along the ride.

I do not talk about the people in the videos ’cause if I did what’s the fucking point of doing them?!

———————————– proof of my BS or there’s no contradiction ———————


The new premiere’s panels are useful, BUT the program is less responsive. Like the bug with new AE’s warp stabilizer, this lumetri color interface has much to iron still. Simply put, no serious colour correction, let alone grading is possible, if fluidity is what we have in mind; prememé ate all of my RAM grass as if it was a snack, yes the 32 GB of it… and I’m talking within a 6 minute video workflow. Resolve is just pure fruition anyway; lightyears faster and an easier to get through WF, tracks much better, renders QB and as right now I’m skipping the conforming stage, pure joy… and thus we can make skin tones green 😛

Note to myself: other than incremental sequences and a copy of the project, remember to literally lock everything down (video tracks, audio tracks, women and children tracks). Be sure to quadruple check on where are you working(?), if nothing’s missing, a little shot, a piece of audio, the last applied effect, opacity line accidentally turned down, if coffee is not left along boiling for last 2 hours, why are your fat uncontrolled fingers pushing random imaginary shortcuts as if it had no repercussion?!! Why on hell did you changed spot on the fucking middle of the grade?!!! Ah yes, sleep more, drink water, NO, that dry green thing it’s not food, make pauses, pay the bills before due date, have beer and spiffs with friends, walk the dog… I don’t care if you don’t have one!!! Once in a while make ritual sacrifices, just in case. Be nice to stupid people, plan their deaths with a cold cold gazpacho and one last important thing to remember, girls trying to fry your brains, fuck them!!! =)

Other “severe” problem (in the sense that it’s almost unavoidable and unsolvable) I encounter was banding (yeah 4:2:0, 8 bit, no mames!!), specially with out of focus areas – dealing with in the above grab. To an extent, the new grain feature (ffmpeg based, still betatesting) of hybrid and scanned noise overlay, helped mitigate big-time-posterization. Don’t judge by YT quality, if you could see master proRes file, there are just 2 shots falling apart; the rest stands the beating alright +)

Proof of concept 


Another problem is related to bayer sensor (and jpeg engine) itself and it’s colour accuracy and  homogeneity. Despite all the rinsing and preparing and that Driftwood with his quantisation tables and colour matrices made GH2 a 100 times better video-camera there is just not enough quality in the data stream (talking about perceptual accuracy as measure) for the codec to do a decent job. A fucking nightmare and lots of care handling in post. Nevertheless it’s our tool, talk plural ’cause it sounds more true ,-) and we use it and we have fun… enough 🙂

AH, 1 more thing, I deliberately didn’t create tytles (enough typed words already), nor mixed any “foraneous” audio track other than beautiful Lisa Sawyer song by Leon Bridges; because of 2 reasons, seemed to me that the words on the song were asking not to interfere, normally I like to somehow sample a bit of the image’s ambience but here just felt like noise contaminating and it is also kind of a “logical” step forward assuming the music-video stereotype. Secondly the video’s goes around childhood (dolls), passion/hobby, iconography (collection of hung Christs) and cinema, all in the living space of a nice couple… I liked both ideas of a muted end (pre sonorous films… maybe I should have gone B&W… hummmm next time better) and a story still beyond the soundtrack…

BTW, a big BIG thank you

to Selur, developer of Hybrid



No matter what we do, LOVE choses with its own eyes… and despite of the cosmic rays, the gamma radiation, the nitrogenous atmosphere and the alien forms that feast on my bread, that’a also true here in Nebula T8 =)

What a mess!!! The instruments have been giving wrong readings… so between the LQ oxygen and the constant repairs I lost track of the friendly creature. I need to check if was My Heart is my Biggest “Prison” or “Person” that I heard

Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer – rec by Sofar Dallas

Merci bien a Biulix, ELIZ, RUIP and Puejo the too friendly chewing shoe dog then geek master VK, PV comune, and monsieur Driftwood



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