ANIMALIPSTICK • III ( 3 short animations once in a while)



Craig Welch’s No Problem • 1992



Director: Craig Welch
Animation: Craig Welch
Concept: Craig Welch
Design: Craig Welch
Producer: Eunice Macaulay / Marcy Page
Executive producer: Douglas MacDonald / Barrie McLean
Animation camera: Pierre Landry / Lynda Pelley / Jacques Avoine
Re-recording: Jean-Pierre Joutel / Shelley Craig
Music: Normand Roger / Denis L. Chartrand
Production Agency: National Film Board of Canada


Though it’s a trailer – be sure to watch Full HD and really LOUD!!! – it’s in itself a little film. Full version recommended =)
WARNING: if you’ve drank coffee, watch this another time
Takeshi Koike’s REDLINE • 2007

Full Credits



Frédéric Back’s L’homme qui plantait des arbres • 1987



Frédéric Back

Based on Jean Giono’s story

Frédéric Back

Executive producer
Hubert Tison

Normand Roger

Film Editing
Norbert Pickering

Art Department
Frédéric Back

sound re-recording mixer
Michel Descombes
André Gagnon

Camera and Electrical Department
animation camera operators
Claude Lapierre
Jean Robillard

Animation Department
animator Frédéric Back
assistant animator Lina Gagnon

Music Department
music recordist (as Hervé J. Bibeau)
Hervé Bibeau

music assistant
Denis L. Chartrand

Quality control
Léo Faucher

English version
Jean Roberts

gashô and big kiss 4

JlEO *-)

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