V-LOG 03 and forgetting the big picture // feat. some friends


This is the post of the cool people hanging around and around and around the bound popound tataund aund aund auuauauauuauauuuuuu!!!!


Merci al Lexi plexi sembrador… por insistir en la amistad, por practicarla inexorablemente, sin miedo, de forma aventurada y viva =)

Guest appearances by manin Ami and Biuli li liiii cuidadîn
Meci aussi ao grande , que saiu duma vaca mas das que nascem deusas, je je. Se alguma vez chegas a lêr isto Mû: a namorada di Russia manda bejinhus com mão repleta, ma di peixinho gustoso nada di nada manda pa, ohhhh *=)

Um De Nós
from Duos, Trios, and Further Conversations album




More coolio bros, tasse yo, ma main,
I mean man maid man mean tarzan c’won comoÉ?!!
Naspiatu, ta malucu Yooo??!!!


Master chief of weird fluffy noises: Snup di mad banân


The real deal, most tender cunt at this side of Europe's asshole: Albi


... where the fuck do you come from?! Aarrgh pic's from 2011, Kan't remembers
but he's our hipno clixter fister little bronco box unknown stereo duddio


Now our Himalayan friends, whose families and friends have lost their homes (if not died) and are living on the street of



om tare tu tare ture soha om tare tu tare ture soha om tare tu tare ture soha


Supermama and famous cook, she talks very little (with me) but everything she says
it's funny; thanks god she also thinks what I say it's funny: Samjana



Big brother Karma, indoctrinating me with some BS, look at this trick, it's from
my land, I am going to jump in the glass of water, ok? Such a nice dude our Karma




Not putting more photos because I can put no more, put into blog no more photos or yes put more into blog photos I can, who knows, mi Knows every nose for ice cream screaming, cuttit out cutitii outitis now

And to finish in style and coach surfing the ring onions of hell, myself , oh yeah and (briefly) Herr Kaiser, the freshness personifyed, the allmighty guru of complementary colours and interpaginary relations




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