Scams through humor, tests and loose ends… again




                Halubiduuu flufluflu flu flux?!!!

I like to buy and sell used stuff, I also like to fix things. The good thing of internet is that you can get in contact with people who otherwise you would never knew existed and likewise. The part I enjoy more it is simply meeting with people face to face and sometimes get to know what’s their story. I met some interesting characters, some talk more, some are in a hurry, some are more… to the business’ side. Anyway for the last couple of months I’ve been selling loads of stuff…

From time to time a lost soul (and is always a girl, just stating the facts) crosses my path and starts the weirdest “comunications” possible, asking for things – here I must say that everything I sell is well documented (with detailed specs and plenty of pics) and I try to be as straightforward as possible regarding details in the state of my goods and transaction operation – and displaying and absolute uncertainty about almost everything. I’ve learnt that instead of getting mad I can have fun… So with this nagging “costumers” I put to use my twisted sense of humor. In this particular case I’m selling a film camera and a lens which, again, are all documented enough in the add.

But this girl decides that she needs more (there are other “symptoms” that help tracking the species ) and as she asked me for more photos, I took the one above… and had a bit of a LOL gerol blast +)

Pity that they never answer back… not even with a little insult or something, ja ja ja


But it is so many levels of humor going around; today I’ve received this FBI email. Of course it’s a scam, and one not very well done. Anyway another fun moment of the quotidian virtual life 😛



Lex y Piter 


impromptu poetics by ?lexi

oscuras son las sombras
que manejan tu cuerpo
como nidos de abejas
oscuros son los dias
que festejan tu mirada
sin darse cuenta
sin darse cuenta
de que oscuras son las luces
cuando se miran a si mismas



Youtube, like the church, also siding with the money pips. Couldn’t care less


To finish this puke-post up – and I know you like it – a couple
of three little video bugs, yeahhhh!!!


-0 -0 -0 But before that, children cover your ears please 0- 0- 0-



If you are João from GrooveTV, listen well buddy: FUCK YOU, I really hope for your health’s good standing that LIFE doesn’t cross our paths again, you piece of shit little coward cunt!!!

If you are everybody else… just get away from this… cancer of human being


. . .
Now, muchi better… the videos

Tests of Nick Driftwood‘s NEBULA T8 patch for GH2

1 – 24H ISO 3200 (de)noise study
2 – HBR ISO 6400 (de)noise study
3 – 24H harsh grade test

Remix of Elliott Smith + LOREAK OST + Teemid – Crazy feat. Joie Tan (Gnarls Barkely Cover) + Noah + PMJ

Big Thanks to Vitaliy and all people who worked on this and made it possible, specially Nick Driftwood
Also to Cu Selur, creator of Hybrid

Personal View thread


Grand merci a DEV and Karma

The song is Dev’s:
A girl who’s waiting on a boy… then they meet and hang around all happy =)

BTW if you reading this Karma, I have Dev’s DVD burnt since some time now… so we “have” to meet and drink and laugh just because of this ,-) je je



Shaky SOC (straight out of camera) footage test of
The End NR4 patch for GH2 by Apefos
More info at PV forums –

Colin Stetson – The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)
New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges – 2011 LP

Big Thanks to Vitaliy and all people who worked on this and made it possible


Now I can go back to my indesign project,



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