ANIMALIPSTICK • II ( 3 short animations once in a while)




Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels • Oh Willy… • 2012



Directors: Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels
Screenwriters: Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels
Producers: Ben Tesseur / Nidia Santiago
Production Manager: Nidia Santiago
Co-producers: Jean-François Le Corre /Mathieu Courtois / Arnoud Rijken / Michiel Snidjders / Christphe Mazodier
Assistant Director: Marianne Chazelas
Animators: Andreas de Ridder / Alice Tambellini / Steven De Beul / Emma De Swaef
Music & Foley: Bram Meindersma
Sound Editor: Bram Meindersma
Director of Photography: Marc Roels
Editor: Dieter Diependaele
Production Designer: Jean-Marc Ogier
Special Effects: Raphaël Thibault, Chris Mascarello
Sound Mixer: Jeroen Nadorp
Main Production Company: Beast Animation
Co-Production with: Polaris Film Production & Finance / Vivement Lundi / il Luster Productions


Marie Paccou • Un jour • 1997



Director: Marie Paccou
Writer: Marie Paccou
Voice: Christine Gagneux
Producer: Claude Huhardeaux
Original Music: Matthieu Aschehoug
Vibraphone: Matthieu Aschehoug
Chello: Stephane Manent
Foley: Eric Grattepain
Mix: Emmanuel Croset
Film Editing: Marie Paccou
Sound: Fabrice Gérardi
Animation: Alexis Appert / Marie Paccou
Produced at Studios de 2001


Omega • 2014



a film by Eva Franz & Andreas Goralczyk
sound design & music Lorenz Schwarz
production assistance Anna Gates Adam Gawel
screenplay Eva Franz
character design Andreas Goralczyk

additional stop motion animation
Andreas Grindler
Adam Gawel
Jan Eilts
Tibor Weissmar

environment department coordination Doga Cigsar

additional set and environment construction
Elenya Bannert
Jan Cordes
Hannes Gerlach
Hedi Haase
Erika Han Xue Hanson
Kairi Kuuskor
Janno Nou
Ursula Schachenhofer

additional puppet construction
Adam Gawel
Andreas Grindler
Benjamin Gillner
Oskar Klinkhammer
Pia Matthes
Juan Francisco Pedraza
Tibor Weissmar

compositing & computer animation
Eva Franz
Andreas Goralczyk

cgi rigging support
Bassam Kurdali
Nathan Vegdahl

sound recording assistance
Martin Buntz
Corinne Schlichtung

solo instruments
Theo Nabicht (Contrabass Clarinet)
Shinichi Minami (Percussion)
Rie Watanabe (Additional Percussion)

additional music loops Elmar Farchmin

additional vocals
Paula Ketteler
Hans Leo Neu

additional vocals recording
Tobias Fricke
Sonia Toepfer


gashô and big kiss 4

BurnetRhoades =)


previously ANIMALIPSTICK • I


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