Christ the first zombie… or easter together


first dog shooter POV


Carla thought me how to draw a cute psychopathic vampire-lepre-clown


Paulinho et Dani… and a flying computer??? must be the wine


Paulinho and Edgar, from cool to coolest, the Miami Vice team from Lisbon


Karma gives Paulinho a “spiritual handkerchief”, as if Pau needed it, je je


’cause everything looks good on Pau and everybody’s better when next to him


Edgar pretending to listen to Anet when actually thinking bout Moz-mangasS


Karma if I were you I’ld immediately get away from that demented asshole


*Boogie* – deaf as a stone, disproportionate as if made of clay by clumsy giant hands, noisy as an old generator, funny as hell with his silly side walks… when he’s not vacuuming the floor or thinking about doggy bitches – a real gentlemen and a pleasure to talk to 😛



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