Ya! between 2 panos


Guadiana sunset • circa 1996/97 

Armando (Jaleo) and I used to go to this spot on the cemetery’s west wall; he would tell me rivers coloured with the uttermost impossible things to understand or simply and  beautifully play the guitar; I would listen with the fruition and conscience of an audience of only one. We also smoked joints (who ever counted?). Armando was twice my age and mentally… “unstable”, that didn’t stop him of being a great musician and best of days an enjoyable companion; like a grown up child. At the sunset, Armando would stop playing and fixate his gaze to the horizon; no blinking whatsoever… just gazing, with the mouth as dry as monkey feet and the soul constantly overflowing… then in the exact moment the sun hid behind the horizon he would say “ya” which has no literal faithful translation into english as it means something like so absolutelly now that has pass already.  Something so simple yet true to him, to us

RN • between the panos a voracious angel happened 


Grazalema • circa 1995/96 

How did Guevara, Manuel and I decided to go to the rainniest place in Europe I cannot remember, but we did go and eventually we did get there/here (photo). I met Guevara the first year of high school and till he left (was 3 years older than me) we were inseparable. Manuel was a friend of Guevara, both were “these guys” from a tiny tiny town in the countryside, they were regarded a bit like beasts which never ever bother me, on the contrary, I only benefit and learned from these guys’ beastly hearts, had beastly fun and smoked beastly ganja bazookas, je je je. It’s been ages since I last saw my good friend Guego but I will always remember we 3 sleeping tight together in a corner of an abandoned building next to the beach in Cadiz and also the face of Manuel one morning, green as grass, sticking out of the tent after a crazy crazy crazy and fun night, we had a fucking blast and laughed till we cried =)


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