incongruently VI (less is less, if you’re hungry)



So here we are, all together in the temple of procrastination, salve brothers and sisters!!! Before the trees start to revenge and seed inside our heads, it’s time for one more incongruous post.
What this would be about…??? Well, what do you think of mapping data, daily routines and what to do in our “spare” time, sounds pretty boring… so let’s hit the crap!!!

One of very many things one can do is to bread scientific data with colourful mapping and graphics, personally find most compelling of both worlds, but it’s a craftsmanship needed of very high skills 😛

 click ANY image for detailed view

 Here’s another beautifully coloured rendition of human knowledge



I like to watch them, yes watch them as if was a short film or somethin’… interpreting the data like some magic formula or code to get fast epileptic enlightment, or at least till I start laughing; which is not a bad collateral 😀

Look at this one, it’s made of pure Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


 image from Magic Lantern



 Here’s a more serious, vertical person-graphic, but also more simple and easy
 to deal with, j e je



And this one brings together the graphic part with the daily routine thing. I can’t believe the managed to exclude polyphasic sleep geniuses as DaVinci or Tesla!!




I dunno about my routine, but my posting habits are pretty much random and chaos driven, here’s a sample courtesy of WPress. There’s NO visible pattern

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 10.36.43

 But if you look at my desk is pretty much coherent and sense making  =)



That reminds me that another unuseful thing one can do in the spare time is to play with complicated machines… just because ART may come out of them, ROTFL

 thanks to Nuno Olin 



 If not art, at least we can manage to call for some aliens and ghosts

nan_01 nan_02


 Good thing of internet is that we are able to explore portals to other dimensions

AR 2


 To some, you better VPN … ’cause it might damage your retinas and reputation



Talking of reputation, another greit thing about the world wide web is that one can study and imitate from the masters’ touching sensibility; example, Taranpino “talking” to his talent at Death Proof’s set



 C’won this is nice and has all important boxed checked, great name BTW



Also doesn’t have to be passive, one can be sensitive to and learn a lot of stuff while watching a film, like color – sample from Movies In Color website



 …or characters optimal placement, je je je bad boy



 You can choose the films to watch based on its poster artwork only



Or you can go a little deeper, hi hi hi, and study quality of content too. BTW absolutely wonderfully writen, directed and acted out aussie comedy (australian cinema is soooo strong right now). Talking of which I can also recomend What We do in the Shadows, Spring (this is not Au made) and z-flick Wyrmwood, from which:

 This truck runs on zombies, no zombies, no truck – just the brilliant depth I love

the little death


 Anyway, these days zombies are not what used to be



The WEE neatly summarised  the process of editing in this easy read list



 What he didn’t mention is the side-tests one has to scientifically carry on, nhiF!!



 Images from J. Gardner‘s BLIND (full YT), a short film worth watching  =)



Even if you don’t own a digital camera, there are plenty of images out there to play with; here a couple samples of my own conspurcation process, je je
 this one resembles Faig Ahmed’s carpets


But that’s all imaging related stuff. We can and should also do/develop some other activities; i.e. reading; being movies reviews …



… or some lighter fictional work before bedtime.

• Richer color experience in observers with multiple photopigment opsin genes 

• Considering the Surround in Device-Independent Color Imaging



 Wrapping stuff is also very bracing



 Just remember to eat once in a while



 and drink loooots of water =) – … anyways, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

 photo by Karma PB -)



gashô years of Humanity 


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