ANIMALIPSTICK • I  ( 3 short animations once in a while)




A bit over a year ago I started collecting animation shorts for posting them at a Personal View thread dedicated for such “beauties”. I don’t feel more words are necessary, enjoy or fuck off!!!! {a la murphy} je je je, I mean it +)


Jonathan Hodgson • The Man with the Beautiful Eyes • 1999


Director: Jonathan Hodgson
Producer: Jonathan Bairstow
Designer: Jonny Hannah
Poem: Charles Bukowski
Funded by: Channel 4 TV
Voice over: Peter Blegvad, Louis Schendler
Sound design: Jonathan Hodgson
Drum break: Stuart Hilton
Sound Recordist: Liam Watson
Animators: Jonathan Hodgson, Kitty Taylor, Lucy Hudson
Assistant Animators: Bunny Schendler, Martin Oliver
Artworkers: Mark Shepherd, Jonny Hannah
Rostrum camera: Peter Tupy
Producton Company: Sherbet
(c) Channel Four TV



 David OReilly • Please Say Something • 2009


Written, Directed & Produced by David OReilly
Sound design & Voice synthesis by David Kamp
Sound design & Music by Bram Meindersma
Distributed by Future Shorts.

I recommend also watching The external world




David Barlow-Krelina • Bless You • 2013 // stereo 3D version

Directed and Animated by: David Barlow-Krelina
Music and Sound Design: Greg Debicki (
Voice: Chris Wilding (


gashô e gande beijinho p’ra

Jo Bartolomiauuu =)



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