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The black screen slow reading turtle
with nails made out precious stones
is coming through a soul-cluster
smiling rainbows and axial-moments
all aspherical light bleeding
little orbed mirrors as pupils
to say: wake up man, wake up


That’s a paragraph of pure shit {please read the “i” with tonal variation} right there. Anyway, kind of liked the image of a turtle coming from the edge of time, from within itself, licking her balls…???… with the head inside the body, with the body inside a shell; loaded with the memories of 1000 years blurred by a million years’ dream. A turtle named Maria with fluffy testicles named Joseph and Lulú

Wonder how much OFF
till everything OFF
had become
swollen flakes and OFF
radioactive dust
backpack glued OFF
spiralling OFF
sunshine rays
the inner OFF
ear and fingers hard OFF
metal scrapes
. . .
on a
. . .
outer city’s

Had to stop daydreaming ’cause panasonic repair service salesgirl’s hands move fast and her fingernails are too green and her face red and yummy… she’s cute and polite; I rackon if she sees the wild bear pretending to be civilised I’m feeling.

Okay, aha, I get it, you’ll need all the screws, that’s strange ’cause I don’t want the camera to be screwed again… Ah, Ok, also the battery, ahá and a lens, no prob mam, half a litre of sperm, give me some months baby… basically you’re dropping me bad news with the smile number 5 eehhhh? I tell the salesgirl I won’t buy panasonic products again, but I tell her this as a confidence with a soothing tone… I see her angelical face, wide open eyes, frozen expression, no doubt she’s not listening to anything I say and more important she’s not listening to what I do not say. I stop and go away, there’s nothing worst than someone who pretends listening to you, as absurd, stupid and annoying as that “you” might be, as superficial, clumsy and uninteresting the choosing of words. Salesgirl sweetly opens the door for me and I leave with a smile (which promises return) and a renewed SHAME ON YOU PANASONIC growing inside my bear guts.




This is another day, another life, another bottle of wine =)

… So the past night the turtle came visit again, only this time was not a matey cool turtle but a pig, a hungry big frightening pig. I got scared, couldn’t rest even for a bit ’cause the pig promised to devour my fat fingers as soon as I fell asleep. Ohhhh cruel life why did you send this obnoxious fat pig to devour my little harmless fingers??!!!! Anyway I had to sing the ancient song for keeping away naughty pigs ulele lele lele ulele ulele ay cochinito cochinito ulele lele lele ulele ulele vete a tu rincón rinconsito ulele lele lele ulele ulele lele ay cochino cochinito ulele lele lele ulele ulele ule ulele que si no te corto y frito ulele lele lele ulele ulele ule ulele lele. Was an epic battle that went on for the best part of the night; I could not tell if the song had worked out but at least I didn’t fell asleep. In the morning I decided not to eat pork… at least for the next week 😛

I also re-screwed back my camera which surprisingly was much faster than the disassembly ??? Focus, focus the rage: SHAME ON YOU PANASONIC!!!




Found a tecnique for printing my awfully basic and untimely drawings and any rasterised work for that matter, big and cheep, it is called offset, ja ja ja




Then I pondered for a while who of my 5 and 1/2 friends would be a better choice for battling against panasonic repair center… the answer was pretty clear, monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon. After talking with the butler then the second assistant’s assistant, then the first assistant’s assistant, then to his assistant, then being transfered to his secretary assistant, then still to his personal secretary I finally made contact, yeahhh. Despite  L’Duque de Lagoon is an extremelly busy man – mostly engaged in his network of neverending philanthropic projects – he is also known for his indomitable solidarity and camaraderie towards his peers… and though I fall short to be considered a wealthy man {ejem}, it seems there must be some noble part lost inside of me, because  L’Duque de Lagoon has always treated me without any condescension whatsoever. So… of course he offered right-away his services and escort.



Off we went to fight the dragon!!!

In the long journey we embarqued, the gods manifested some unequivocal signs that I had wisely chosen my company, roll the dice oh destiny!!!




To cut a long story short, I wish I could describe the finesse, the subtleties of the know how with which monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon handled the salesgirl at the service center. She was all smiles and little laughs and acomplice looks… I attended the process as if a miracle, also took notes for further studying this mesmerising snake charmer spell. So now they have my camera, my contacts, my future and all the electronic dreams and I have a piece of papper, yeahhh great exchange!! +)

After sorting this complicated matter for me  L’Duque was visibly tired and so he insisted that we had a beverage in his winter garden. I didn’t dare to refuse such an opportunity. But boy was I not prepared for such grandeur



I tell you cousin Alfredo, you’ll need a week just to go through all the rooms of this mansion. I saw more books and more neatly organised than in London’s National Library. And the photos… what a collections and each one more interesting than the previous!!! I got dizzy of so much knowledge and wiseness, so we went out to enjoy the simplest of beers



and the sunset



I was so grateful to monsieur L’Duque de Lagoon that I implored him to let me cook a though unworthy of his status otherwise toothsome lamb stew… that actually came out pretty pretty nice, you feel me cousin? ,-)


What a day!!!! If anyone would ask me what are friends for, todays is a perfect example of how conquering obstacles together is easier and much much more fun








A question remains: which entity will visiting me tonight?

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