WPP fiasco, free perfect effects 9 and Piotr’s messin’ light



There you go the end of the romance, WPP just revoked the 1st prize given to Giovanni Troilo for his Contemporary Issues series The Dark Heart of Europe.
With the myriad diversified problems there are in the world and this guy had to fake one, Ain Jezuzito de mi corasón que mira como mas dejao la humanidad chacho, esha porbo que están las perzonitas y zus melone de penzá!!!


Entry at PV photo thread

This year World Press Photo competition is nothing but a big fiasco – 20% of finalist images disqualified and one of the winners being accused by the portrayed city itself {with some important arguments} of staging his photo essay – which is something it was bound to happen.

First of all the idea of making an exhibition with photojournalism material is… “indelicate”. Despite I only have attended to 1 WPP exhibition and was because at the time I was working at the host museum and of course curious, it was immediately clear to me that hanging a huge print of a tutsi man with his head deformed {by a machete stroke or something} and all stitched up in “the temple of most elevated craft done by humans” – museums are yet another story for a better occasion – was something rather contradictory and literal that I would want to avoid in the future.

I’m all for improvisation, instinct and guts… but sometimes it seems that there’s a lack of thought and analysis for more delicate matter. Example; when I started with photography everybody reverenced Sabastião Salgado. Then I saw the pictures and thought to myself “these guy is a technical monster”… it took me some time before I understood that despite all the plethora of aesthetics and rhetoric bullshit there was something brutally cynical underneath the immense skills and wonderful technique; he was earning money, getting famous and respected for anesthetizing people’s misery.
I hope nobody confuses here the work I’m talking about, it is not photojournalism – for which I have a big respect – it is documenting the alienation of fellow humans and elevating that to art. There’s no denouncing, not a true care, the emphasis lays on capturing the moving scene and make it breathtakingly gorgeous.

Anyway I don’t know what S.S. is doing these days and if he ever understood, acknowledged and/or made anything to heal his liability and socio-cultural footprint still present in hollow prizes and “philosophies” as the one hold by WPP. Honestly I also stop caring about him and channeled my energy to understand by my own means the emphatic way we see ourselves, we understand and care for each other; and finally how to express and relate that to a code, a language.

One of sources – http://goo.gl/gwqeag


Ahhh, I had to let this out of my system, ufff

On1 Perfect Effex 9 for FREE • here

I think this 2 part tutorial is rather watchable and Zach Arias acts as and probably he’s a cool guy. Enjoy it or at least enjoy Page’s incredible exercise on… holding her own hands 😛


 For a final jump into the void, if you happen to see this


 mixed with this


 while this goes viraaaal


 and then you add a bit of this


 and you leave it to rinse with this

f-stop diagram

 you’ll get {snares please}

 P i o t r !!!





Just in case you think I have big imagination, also as you might want to read it:

Simultaneous observation of the quantization and the
interference pattern of a plasmonic near-field

and of course the indispensable

Richer color experience in observers with multiple
photopigment opsin genes

thanks to Karl


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