V-LOG 01 (an act is never complete in just one lifetime)



Machine Head  
A slowed down Be Still and Know  
from 2011 album – Unto the Locust  
and The Burning Red  
from 1999 album – The Burning Red  

The Last Vigil  
from 2012 album – Koloss  

Merci regaliz Ana, JFS Agostinho, Karma, Píter, Sr.

and The Association of Vengeful Ants

When walking and strolling around in Lisbon I’m never sure if I’m awake or in a dream; I’m convinced that has to do with the light but only when leaving the city behind I’m fully aware of this…phenomena… which rarely has the energy to awaken itself into the theatre of life. In the meantime I go, get my soul lost, meet the strangest characters, with whom I hold the weirdest of conversations. Who knows if I want(ed) to keep a record of my own existing through the recalling of the city’s own disappearing.

For this adventure I double tripped back; to 3CCD CMOS dvpal comatose machine gun and to the heavy melodies. I must admit I lacked the courage of dumping the stronger speed/trash/hardcore tracks into the sequence… one might have the idea of doing so and one even might think is very rebellious or energetious and whatnot… but then one also cares for the images, the pace, the subjects portrayed, their inherent voices and so on and so forth.

I made a new grain mix just for this baby and also developed a LUT specific for this V-LOG chapter (papaPAL_series-01.cube) which came out pretty nicely, the LUT I mean. Should you feast your eyes over the textures on the video’s uncompressed version. I’m still trying to figure out how much is worth sharing, how much energy is lost in the vacuum; not because I think that the secrets of the métier should be kept hidden and locked but mainly because general feedback has been shit. Anyway, case I survive my own life dreams and regain any faith in humankind whatsoever, I’ll be soon posting it together with a couple other LUTs I’m quite happy about. Like Catarina says escaldi-me mas bebi à finuria





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