I is not I ••• or messing around with JB’s tests, again

Hi there unholly famint brothers und sisters, first thing’s first


Today I bRRRing more tests… why just why god?!!! Why you have forsaken me?!!!

Anyway, fuck god, as we’re all fucked up anyway, important thing is to be happily fucked up 😛 and act accordingly, as this whole thing is temporarily

So – coffee sip,smoke drag – John Brawley has been testing the coming SLR Magic 50mm T2.1 APO PL mount lens, in this case against a  Zeiss CP2 50mm T1.5 Superspeed mounted in a Black Magic Ursa camera, all of this is true, I don’t get to name these expensive “toys”. As John has been very kind – BIG THANKS – to share his raw data (15 GB) with us over at Personal View, I seized the opportunity to do some CONSPURSCATIONNNN!!!

We shall first have a look at how theses tests were lit, ok?


Now that we’re all feeling good about everything we do not get to see, we analyse the histogram, or historical coloured representation of the artist’s soul death


As the Zeiss “managed” to gather more light, I levelled the exposure with a -0.2 exp or negative little blow… on the Zeiss. At which point it is quite clear that, with this particular lighting set (3100K), the Zeiss rendered a distinct blueish veil, you can see the blue spike in the above histogram. The Zeus, I mean Zeiss CP2 PL mount sells about $4500 (500 bucks less that the also CZ f1.4 Otus, no cine mode, yet)… and 50mm is supposed to be the simpler and “easiest” lens to design; we’re talking a fix (single focal length ) prime, zooms are eating babies for breakfast’s other league.
In comparison, the SLR Magic APO prime cine lens, is expected to be sold at around $2000. So I must agree with John, seems a stellar lens to consider =)

I also messed around with the ORFs – again I’m not delirious or into Tolkien’s saga, Olympus Raw Files – aswel as the DNGs Mr. Brawley provided. Below is our friend (rhetorical of course, je je) Maddy stripped from the SLR Magic batch. I developed with Raw Photo Processor (composited in PS) and used it as the video poster frame in youtube

 Click on the image to be eaten



And what do we do with our friends??? We offer them in sacrifice to a bunch of obnoxious teletubbies zombies




And in return they give us some ridiculous coloured squares claiming is a magic colour palette of some sort… well, better than nuthin’ I guess




So finally (well have in mind here’s all is awkwardly backwards) I matched the footage in Davinci Resolve with the datacolor sample and then graded it… maybe a bit too gold and contrasty, I’m still diving into DR asylum, well if Kevin likes it… I’m happy

Both Video and image are 3840×2160 or UHD (Ultra High Definition) which basically means you’ll get blind after watching 3 times this total mess unless if in 4K TV/monitor  😛 – should see the tif and proRES files, it is like seeing Virgin Fatimas’ miraculous body dancing in a strip club, ja ja ja, come pick me up Devil Lord +) /// Please notice how cute Maddy is, a replacement goddess, with her tongue pushing the teeth



Cyndi Lauper’s – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun cover
Postmodern Jukebox // tweaked and squashed for fun

Well, that’s enough bullshit for one post.
Love you all, hairy monsters and cannibal princesses



Intrepid curious minds as you are, the “again” in the post’s title comes from this (muted) previous conspurscation below. Funny enough was the first video I uploaded to youtube… like a year an a half ago… seems sooooo faraway, guess that the relativeness of time scientific community talk about… all the time, ja ja =)

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