Swell take off – first of the year

Grade's colour palette from above video


Edited in premiere and graded in speedgraVe and premiere  


Yellow everyone =)

So this is the first post of the year and this year promises to be good… or the last one; plenty zombies are being borned and they all need a job to carry on.

Don’t know about yours, but my own “take off” has being very… special. First my computer died with the indecency of not issuing a warming whatsoever – – –  I salute you my dear industrial piece of incredibly complex structure, for almost half a decade you did worked hard, got to see some places, got to connect to multifunctional other devices, kept my palms warm in winter, spoke 0’s and 1’s freely, showed me hundreds of thousands of images and stuff, hear my darkest confessions, played nice tunes, got a new, fastest brain, held tight on difficult times and bumpy roads and most important, you were a motherfucking reliable tool, thank you and sweet electronic dreams – – – so got a new one and a +3000$ debt. Yuppppiiiiiii!!! Thank you Lord$ for the opportunity to prove myself again your worthy $lave.

Jokes aside, I needed a new, more powerful machine anyway.
So…. then when I was trying to control my overflowing happiness I got sick, flu. And that has being my last week. Today was the first day I manage to visit the outside world – not that you possibly care about all this crap, but I do – and was like going on holidays while acid tripping. I just wish I could renew more often this way of being in the world, maybe I’ve got to get sick more often, the truth is that I like when I get the flu. I get to hallucinate for free, loose weight with (no) sweat, think about the absolutely most unuseful things and sleep and sleep and sleep till my bones hurt; not bad at all.

Anyway, I hope for a good kick off for y’all +)



Ahhh, also wrote a little piece of garb-pom


I’m sorry yells
the sunset’s engulfing light
While traffic mesh’s score
follows as usual,
people pass by
leaving a trail of unfinishable conversation,
A plain,
another plain imitating the former,
Some funny birds,
excited, playing catch,
Relight the cigarette,
check horizon for stability,
check golden hues,
temperature decreasing
Directly gazing the sun
or grey matter nurturing,
check for spots,
small dogs with silly names
and free falling angels.

Don’t forget to breath
written down
as first to-do list item
Change skin,
spit on tempo
with the universe’s lock down rehearsal,
trim moustache,
exagerate blonde’s leg skinniness,
enjoy the company of solitude,
roll another smoke,
release all the apple’s snakes,
gently accommodate testicles,
both left and right…

said the heart attack
to the humming bird





Watch Birdman, Foxcatcher, Inherent Vice and What We Do in the Shadows


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