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BCS_HC-64 is a LUT I’ve recently made out spit and fuzz.
It stands for Bipolar Cool Sunset _ Highlight Clip; 64 is the size. It’s intended for GH3’s semi-flat images, mainly involving water, clouds and kind of warmly lights. Though it was developed for (and in) a very precise context, as I was playing with other images I liked the way the LUT rendered them. It surely can be used with other madam-cameras.
Blues and cyans drift into dreamy emeralds (watch for the sky celestes as they get surreal), greens whiff and contaminate, reds get really hot and yellows go diffused and merge into an unicorn’s fart of light. General sepiaish worms take over.
As its name indicates it can clip highlights if used carefree 🙂

BCS_HC-64 download


In the zip package above you’ll find 7 items:


  1. BCS_HC-64.cube ——————- which is the LUT tested in PS / AE / Davinci Resolve
  2. BCS_HC-64_in_AE.png ———— image showing intended use in AE / 32bpc linear light
  3. BCS_HC_01-64_forPS32bits.3DL ———————- LUT for 32 bits images only / PS
  4. coversion__Convert_Rec709toSRGB.cube ————— conversion LUT by Oleg Sharonov
  5. coversion__Convert_SRGBToRec709.cube ————— conversion LUT by Oleg Sharonov
  6. zega_chart_sRGB.png ————————————- put-together chart / sRGB
  7. zega_chart_sRGB_BCS_HC_01-64_applied.png – put-together chart with BCS_HC LUT applied


BIG thanks to master blaster Oleg Sharonov – creator of 3DLut Creator

About the video

For a BSC_HC-64 LUT test drive/ride I took a handful of 2/3-inch P&S shots… yeah why take something with good quality and make one’s life easier? 😛 Anyway YT just annihilated any possible organic remains that could have existed, so…
In some shots I’ve directly applied the BCS_HC_01-64_forPS32bits.3DL version.
The crow shot shows both. Deka cro shhh shh oath
Funny enough premiere’s lumetri behaved differently from AE and AME, more like PS. No sharpening, very basic CC and grain applied, all in prememé.


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