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I’m proud to be part of this project. First because the work and energy everybody is putting into it, which shows up in the content and secondly ’cause the resounding values embed & spread in the way people handle themselves and others =)

My role has been to document and help create a visual image (registration) of the process. I’ve been given all possible freedom, which doesn’t imply do whatever you want but let’s think together. As inescapable cirmcunstances of production are, an important consequence of this provided work-spirit and context is that “my” output has been healthily contaminated by engaging discussion and sharing; at the same time my feedback and sensitivity have seen its way to the “final render”… So at the end of the day it’s something more than pushing buttons 😛


Now if you’re around, you might want to check this show


Centro Cultural da Malaposta, Lisboa de 13 a 16 e de 20 a 23 de Novembro 2014

Cine-teatro Curvo Semedo, Montemor-o-Novo 27, 28, 29 Novembro

Espaço Os Infantes 11 Dezmbro 2014

Cine-teatro Municipal de Serpa 12 Dezembro 2014

Teatro Garcia de Resende, Évora 9 e 10 Janeiro 2015



In several sessions I’ve taken around 6000 photographs, after selection 491 remain… though many of them would never see the light of  the internet, here I’ll leave some that might convey a bit of the process. Click to enlarge / gallery view



Video Info Sheat

Sound design: Teresa Gentil

Graphic design: Susana Malhão

Feat. Susana Cecilio and Carlos Marques

Camera, ADR, edit, animation and grade: MaxR

Merci a Leonora, André, BD, Gaspar and Nuno




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