para Ami en sus 33



para Ami en sus 33


Her skin smelled like toasted cinnamon and honey


Slowed down version of Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick (L. Cohen) – Manhattan
from Omega album (1996)



This is what Ami my little brother
gave me as 33 birthday present, feat Leinski

!!!Me caguen dios!!!



Hi there brothers and sisters =)

In this fifth deliver of the skoria series and after seeing this great video by Borjazzz vimeo user and with the excuse of my brother’s birthday,  I decided to keep the same linear juxtaposition simple edit concept but really pushing the looks  … too much maybe =P

Anyway the grading process was a PITA, as I tried to do everything in 1 blow and end up getting too complex inside of AE, 46 shots quickly became a hard to tame wild yard of pre comps and effects within pre comps and adjustment layers, LUTs, opacities, mattes and transfer modes; rendering was pretty insane too.

08 – used solely Minolta Rokkor MC 50mm f1.4
09 – used solely Rokinnon 12mm f2 (some in ETC mode)


For many years I’ve wanted to use the great Enrique Morente & Lagartija Nick rendition of Leonard Cohen’s First We Take Manhattan. Wiki says:

It was originally recorded by Jennifer Warnes on her 1987 album Famous Blue Raincoat, which consisted entirely of songs written or co-written by Cohen

L. Cohem himself ended up doing his own version of his own beautiful lyrics, see video below




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