Irmao ta isto… this is how to say


miteri atma jana dorje Soonam
some kind of typical Himalaya

I’m a jerk, really am and I fully acknowledge and embrace this permanent condition of mine… So why such lovely souls as Karma and Soonam would keep inviting me for dinner, drink, meet their family, marry strangers and funny talking about the most incongruent and unbelievable interesting matters it’s beyond my understanding. But they do so and this himalayan family make me always feel most welcome and each time I’ld leave overwhelmed, grateful and fatter 🙂
The fact that most westerners employing them – and despite their work harder, longer, more enthusiastically, and never complaint – abuse of their good nature and lack or “papers” paying them absolutely miserable salaries brakes my heart 😦


 Raster of Maciej Kalkus' original art work

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