fade test ^̂ resolve lite 11 ^̂ and the end of monkey poetics



Lole Y Manuel – Dime


Merci bien a Dani for a lovely pilsner sunset idea 😛


Hi there guys =)

It is very seldom that I use crossdissolves in the montage process, but when I do I feel very limited by the choices main platforms offer; so I created my own cinematic additive poopooza in AE.
AE_keyfAfter trying several very time consuming methods I got somethin’ usable. That would correspond to the third dissolve in the video above.

Case you want to listen to the whole song

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36928636/audio/Dime_Lole-Y-Manuel.mp3]




Davinci Resolve Lite 11
(Beta still) editing and grading platform
is out for Win and Mac; it is free and very powerful

Mind you the video below corresponds to full version (paid)
Thanks to the guys at Personal View for the heads up




Regarding the monkey selfie polemic that has been making headlines, as wikipedia considered that the ownership of the photo should not be attributed to the camera owner and without going into law standpoints, I personally find curious that the very “poetic” action that makes this photograph/document trigger a smile in most people’s imagination it’s being reduced and dismembered (in)to ownership bullshit… of course the endangered lady monkey couldn’t care less, I bet she’s doing way better fun things with her life +)

monkey_selfie_02 copye

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 15.03.25

Anyway here is being held a discussion for the removal of the images

Mr Slater asked Wikipedia either paid for the use of the image or remove. But their argument was and remains that as the monkey pressed the button to take the picture, and because the image is now on the internet in the public domain that it is free to use. And David Slater POV:




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